6 Hidden Attractions in New York City


New York City is no doubt one of the top dream destinations for travelers around the world. Packed with scenic attractions like the Statue of Liberty, expansive green spaces like Central Park and iconic buildings like Empire State Building, it’s easy to forget that NYC offers much more than what is widely known. 


Traverse the massive city, and you’ll find plenty of hidden secrets and attractions that might even surprise some locals. In a city so big with endless places to visit and things to do, don’t forget to explore these hidden gems.

A 25 Foot Waterfall in the Middle of Manhattan

Located on the 51st Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue in Greenacre Park, Midtown Manhattan, this 25-foot waterfall is a little-known gem that goes unnoticed by many visitors. With its beautiful scenery in an otherwise busy urban area, the waterfall offers a welcoming respite and place to relax after a long day touring other NYC attractions.

Central Park Benches, Yes!

They tell a story! Central Park is one of the biggest attractions in New York City. With thousands of benches to sit on and enjoy the view, many people are unaware of a hidden secret right on the benches. People from all walks of life leave quotes, love messages and silly limericks on the benches.

This initiative was started by the Adopt-a-Bench program in 1986 to help fund and maintain Central Park’s beauty. With a donation of $10,000, you can have your own quote engraved on a bench. You can take a walk or rent a bike through Bike Rental Central Park to view as many quotes as you can.

The Nearly Invincible Metallic Sphere in Battery Park

With a history to its name, this nearly invisible sphere in Battery Park is a must see. It was located right in between the Twin Towers when they were destroyed during the 9/11 attacks but remained standing.

Since then, it’s now located in Battery Park where it remains a key tourist attraction. Designed by German sculptor Fritz Koenig back in 1971, the metallic sphere is a symbol of hope and strength.

The Statue of Alice in Wonderland

If you’re chasing some history around NYC, the statue of Alice in Wonderland in Central Park is a must visit. Built in 1959, the statue is located on the east side of the park at 75th Street and is a popular attraction for visitors who have young kids.

Kids can climb over it but with supervision. The Alice in Wonderland statue was built in memory of Philanthropist George Delacorte’s wife. His famous nonsensical poem, ‘The Jabberwocky’, is engraved on the statue.   

See an Original Piece of the Historic Berlin Wall

This is another unexpected hidden attraction right in the middle of corporate America. It’s one of the original pieces of the Berlin Wall that fell in 1989. After its fall, it was divided up and sold and found its way to New York City. Locate it at an outdoor plaza along 520 Madison Avenue and take a few photos.    

Enjoy Views of the Manhattan Sky on an Aerial Tram


Go over the east river and visit the narrow and less frequented Roosevelt Island on an aerial tram. Although the area is mostly residential, the Roosevelt Island Aerial Tram makes the visit fun and exciting. Traveling high at 3,100 feet, the aerial tram holds up to 110 people and makes around 115 rides a day, offering splendid views of Manhattan’s skyline.  

Explore More Attractions

Make sure you also visit the Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn which is now a National Historic Landmark, the whispering walls of Grand Central Terminal and the Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard where old boats go to die in Staten Island.

Whether it’s your first trip to NYC or a return visit, trying out offbeat attractions and using insider tips will make your trip more enjoyable, so go ahead!