6 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Can Make Your Kitchen Look Attractive


It’s essential that you consider upgrading the style of your kitchen. This space in your home is gradually becoming a place for family bonding, especially for people who love to cook and eat. The good thing is that there’s one part of your kitchen that can bring it to the next level: your kitchen backsplash.

Kitchen backsplashes don’t just protect your walls from spills and splashes. It’s because you can select from various stunning materials like wood, stone, glass, and metals to make your kitchen a center of attraction for your home.

To give you some ideas on what kitchen backsplash designs that you should incorporate into your kitchen, read on below.

Extend the Look

If you want to have a kitchen backsplash that can fit seamlessly with the look of your entire kitchen design, you should know how to unify and extend the primary elements in your kitchen. Marble has long been popular for kitchen backsplashes and kitchen counters, so it’s advisable that you use it for both these surfaces for that purpose.

Provide It with Modern Touches

In making the most out of your kitchen backsplash, you should realize that it’s not just about the backsplash. Instead, it’s about how this part of the kitchen suits with the rest of the room. There are several modern aesthetics that you can complement with your kitchen backsplash to make your kitchen look stunning.

For instance, you can start with the geometric cube pattern of most kitchen backsplash with the clear patterns of the chairs and table. You can also add up a lighting fixture that can set the mood of the kitchen.

Solid Panel Backsplashes

A solid panel kitchen backsplash is now one of the popular design trends that let you create a smooth look to your kitchen. For you to increase the attractive level in the absence of intricate patterns, you can choose a color that can make a bold statement in this particular part of your home.

Keep It Simple

Sticking to simple and subtle designs of kitchen backsplash doesn’t mean it won’t attract the attention of anyone who happens to visit your kitchen.

A white kitchen backsplash might appear ordinary but think further. You can add an attractive brick-style chevron on the tiles. Then, you can couple a bit of variation in the shades of various tiles of the backsplash. You can contact firms like kitchen renovations Melbourne for that purpose.

Don’t Forget the Textures

Although they’re often sidelined, textures play a significant impact in how your kitchen area will look. That’s why you should put importance to textures. Unlike other room, you can play with various types of surfaces in your kitchen.

For instance, you can couple wooden cabinets, a smooth countertop, and a hexagonal tile backsplash to give three different textures that can suit each other and create a pattern in your kitchen. It’s crucial that you can complement the design elements in your kitchen to make it look appealing.

Display the Metallics Carefully

If you don’t want to make your kitchen backsplash simple, then you can put more to make it attractive. For instance, you can put additional bling to your kitchen backsplash through the metallic sheen of your ref, oven, and faucet. By doing this, you can surely turn your otherwise basic kitchen into something eye-catching.


Your kitchen backsplash is one of the parts of your kitchen that can give it with style and aesthetic quality. Hence, make sure that in designing your kitchen, you should put importance in your kitchen backsplash. The ideas mentioned above can help you for that purpose.