6 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants


You should know that growing plants indoors is just as easy and fun as outdoor plants. However, people are under the wrong impression that these plants need special care and are fragile for some reason. We are here to clear that confusion out.

Indoor Plants doesn’t know something much more important than acting as a barely decorative tool. They help you clean the environment and air. If you worried about having a black thumb, then don’t worry. Following, we are mentioning some easy to maintain indoor plants. You should consider them if you are planning on an indoor garden:

  • Pothos

It’s effective when it comes to purifying the air. It absorbs and gets rids of toxins from everything. It has trailing stems and works well in hanging basket or climbing plant with some training into a trellis or a supporting object.

The plant can produce stems which can trail up to 8 feet or longer. Just cut the stems back if they get too long and your plant will look healthy and full. It thrives in an array of lighting conditions. However low light might diminish the leaves. You have to let the soil dry between watering. These plants do well in normal room temperature.  You can learn more about the Pothos here.

  • Aloe

The long-pointed leaves have excellent medical properties. It grows 3-feet high to make an impact on indoors. There are some smaller varieties available. They are ideal for sunny indoor spaces. Aloe thrives in room temperature around 70 degrees and needs a lot of sunlight. It prevents dry soil, so don’t water it very often.

  • Spider Plant

It’s a unique looking plant that adds some visual interest to your room. They haven’t fallen out of popular after years of use. These plants also come in different variety and work well as hanging plants. These plants do well with moist soil and bright or medium lighting conditions. The room temperature of 60-75 degree is an idea for them to thrive.

  • English Ivy

This is a rather timeless classic. It trails down to your furniture and has a pretty effect. It’s easy to start a new plant for yourself or cutting off the section of its stem. It makes the ideal hostess gift. These plants like moist soil and cool room temperature conditions the ideal temperature ranges from the mid-50s to 70 degrees.

  • Jade Plant

If you love succulent, then the jade plant offers thick and lush leaves, and rather they are visually interesting, and they grow slowly, these have the potential to live for years. Not to mention, these plants look great in pots if paired with other succulent varieties.

These pants don’t need a lot of water, so you better try to keep the soil dry. It requires bright light with room temperature to thrive.

  • Rubber Tree

The rubber tree is easy to grow a plant that can go up to an 8-foot-tall tree for a major pop of greenery in the room. If you want a smaller pant, then you have to make the rubber tree into shrub shape by pruning long stems. This tree prefers dry soil between watering. It thrives in medium to bright light conditions. The ideal room temperature range for this plant is 60-80 degree.