6 Most Beautiful Places in Europe


Despite its smaller size as compared to other continents, Europe boasts of high-end resorts, magnificent architecture, great scenic views, and well-preserved historical marks. As such, it attracts a more significant number of tourists annually as compared to other continents.

As is the nature of choices; however, the increased number of tourist attractions in Europe offers a chain of headaches when narrowing down on a destination to visit. This article ranks six of the best places to visit in Europe to help you determine the ideal destination in Europe for you.

However, it is vital to consider your interests before selecting a destination, thus yielding the best memories from your trip. For sports tourism, the Algarve golf courses prove the epitome destination to experience both the golf culture and access a series of golf courses, each offering a varying level of challenge. 

  1. Paris, France

Ranging from museums, architectural marvels, exquisite meals to culture, Paris satisfies all the parameters for a leisurely vacation destination. Besides treating your eyes to iconic structures including but not limited to the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, you get to visit the Louvre (the pinnacle of museums in the world) where you get to see the famous Mona Lisa.

What makes Paris an ideal destination is the variety of attractions which are bound to give you a thrill regardless of your interests. Even better, Paris offers trendy shopping centers and affordable eateries, thus ensuring that you don’t get broke in a bid to savor the culinary delights it has to offer.

  1. Rome, Italy

Rome was not built in a day, and as such, you cannot deplete the sceneries Rome has to offer in one. Ranging from rich Romanian architecture, captivating views to Romanian culinary treats, Rome proves an ideal escape from one’s daily routine. Like the former, Rome piques the eyes of those in love with art as it offers works from Michael Angelo and remnants of the Romanian empire in its museums.

In addition to the museums, the Romanian runes not only provide vibrant images but also give your entire trip to Rome its essence. Additionally, Rome proves a pivotal destination to Catholics as not only do they get to tour the Basilica but also engage in the Romanian catholic Christian cultures.

  1. Crete, Greece

Greece ranks among the unique destinations to visit in Europe as it offers some light on Greek mythology through its archeological wealth. Being the case, Crete bears the most primacy over other destinations in Greece as it is the birthplace of the mythological gods, Zeus.

Like Rome, Crete features architectural remains from the medieval times; this gives you a chance to immerse yourself into the mythological and ancient realm, thus cementing the memories of your trip. In addition to the ruins, Crete boasts of beautiful gorges that make for a memorable hiking experience.

A testament to its scenic richness, Crete offers a sea and beautiful sandy shores, thus allowing you to enjoy the relaxing massage of water and escape the stress associated with travel.

  1. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is among the top six holiday destinations in Europe in its own right. Ranging from exquisite meals to stunning architectural feats, Barcelona passes for all the elements one would seek in a trip. What makes Barcelona rank among the best destinations in Europe, however, is Gaudi’s architecture, which shows perfection and surrealism to the least elements.

Among the architectural marvels from Gaudi include the Basilica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia, which offers an ideal journey of self-reflection. In addition to this, Gaudi’s park offers vibrant architectural images that will not only uplift your spirit but also provide great photos for your trip.

  1. Budapest, Hungary

Walking into Budapest feels the equivalent of a fairy tale with the castle that is complete with castle walls and towers that take a Romanesque style. In addition to the architectural designs, Budapest offers tons of spas and water features that are ideal for relaxing your mind and body.

To immerse yourself into the people’s culture, ensure to visit Budapest during their celebrations. As such, you get to enjoy more exotic dishes and treat yourself to cultural and music festivities.

  1. Ireland

Among the rising trends in vacations, sports tourism is the fastest-paced. For sports tourism, however, Ireland tops the list of the best destinations in Europe for a golfing holiday. Owing to its richness in golf courses, Ireland offers an ideal challenge for all skill levels and also exposes one to a broader array of unique sceneries.

Like its counterparts, Ireland allows you to experience Irish folklore and exposes you to a variety of exotic meals. Even more, Ireland offers the most of pub culture and ancient architecture, thus fit for a broader range of interests.

Having put a ton of effort into your hustle, it is essential to reward yourself to an outing, thus refocusing your energy. With Europe ranking top of the continents to tour, it is crucial to sift through various destinations, thus making the most of your trip. By visiting one of the destinations mentioned above, you have assured a quality experience, thus getting your money’s worth.