6 packing tricks for light traveling


Travel season is a big source of inspiration and motivation for traveling. If you have no idea where and how to travel, now it is the right time to plan your trip. Whether you are a fan of a weekend trip or a long holiday, it is always useful to know a few skills to pack quickly and conventionally. If you are traveling by plane, wise packing in smaller bags will come in handy. For an ideal trip where these tricks will be helpful for you to not be burdened with impractical luggage, and yet you will have everything you need.

Plan your trips minimalistic and make your trip more enjoyable. It is easier and faster to your desired destination, and once you are there, you can unpack faster.

Use your space wisely

The best way to fit everything into one bag is to use every inch of space wisely. For example, you can stuff your shoes with socks. Then place the shoes together at the bottom of the suitcase in a canvas bag to protect the clothes from dirt. How exactly you organize everything in your suitcase is a matter of personal preference. Smaller canvas bags can keep your clothes neat and it will protect them from stains or damage. You can also roll your clothes to safe up space, rolling is less prone to creasing.

Sort your things

The worst thing you can do when packing is to stack everything in one pile. It is best to sort your luggage and it will be easy to handle. Always keep everything separate. For example, packing shoes, toiletries, medicine, and non-clothing items on the left side of the suitcase and clothes on the right side.

Design your styling in layers

It is always wise to think about the weather, but also the place that you will visit. Always have a jacket on hand, a few finer pieces of clothing that you wear if you want to be fancy in a restaurant. The most important thing is to have comfortable clothes for the holiday. Also, you can take a comfortable blanket or a long scarf will always come in handy during the trip when you stay longer in air-conditioned transportation.

Use compression bags

The compression bags will save you a lot of space. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck the air out of the bags packed with clothes. You will visibly notice how much space you have left. It has space for many things and important items which are crucial for every trip.

Don’t forget a useful travel accessory

A makeup bag is certainly a thing without you cannot imagine your trips, or for the men, a pouch with the shaver. Remember to refill it with travel-size packs of perfumes, creams, and toilet water. Put a mini travel kit in your hand luggage to maintain personal freshness and cleanliness. To shine even after several hours of travel.

The passport case is certainly a detail that emphasizes your style and uniqueness. It is practical because you will immediately notice the most important document in your bag and also protect it.

The personal data tag that you attach to your luggage is extremely important. With that, you will know which one is your suitcase and it can be easily found if it is lost.

Always carry money, jewelry, and passports if you are going on a plane. Sometimes the airline loses luggage so it is better to keep them in your hand baggage.


Airline baggage policy

For those who are traveling by plane, you need to check the airline policy for the baggage. Some airlines have fairly high fees for extra baggage, so before buying tickets, you will need to ask the airline company or check their website for how much is the fee.