6 Playroom Decor Tips You’ll Love


No matter the size of your home, providing their very own playroom is a great way to keep your kids entertained – and make sure that there is a designated space for all their toys to go. Playrooms can be geared towards fun, learning or even relaxing depending on what you want for your children, and the decor plays a key part in the look and feel of this special space in the home. Here are some stylish, fun decor solutions to inspire you to create a space that both you and your kids will love. 


Treehouse Inspired

Treehouse inspired playrooms are a really cute idea that your kids are going to be amazed by. You will need to build a treehouse platform and floor to create the illusion of the outdoors, and you can paint trees on the walls to really bring the outdoors in and create a fun illusion. If you don’t have much room for a play area outside and your kids really want a treehouse, this can be a great compromise that will lead to hours of fun. 

Storage Based

While playrooms are a lot of fun for kids, they can also double up as a practical storage space that adults will love too. Design your playroom in such a way that there is plenty of storage space in the form of cupboards, drawers, and shelves and decorate them in bright, fun colors that your little ones will love. This is a simple playroom to achieve with Ikea furniture, and you can really let your imagination go wild when it comes to how you want it to look. 

Reading Nook

If you want to encourage your kids to read more books or they are already quite the bookworms, a playroom designed to make reading fun and comfortable is a fantastic idea. You can achieve this with even a very small space; use a daybed in a corner or window to provide the perfect spot for curling up with an interesting book and use built-in shelving to keep all the books organized and easy to find. Decorate in playful, yet relaxing colors. 


Who says that playing can’t be educational? In fact, many kids learn a lot through playing, so you can design your playroom in such a way that it facilitates learning too. For example, you might want to create a color-blocked wall to help your kid learn about different colors, or hang cute pictures on the wall to help them learn alphabet letters. 

Favorite Characters

When it comes to TV shows, movies, and game characters, there are so many different options for decorating your child’s playroom. And, your kids are going to love having their favorite characters brought to life here. You can get creative and paint murals on the walls of popular Nendoroid figures like Kirby and the Joker, or you can often find easy-to-apply wall stickers of children’s favorites to use instead. 


A world map makes great decor for a kids’ playroom and it doubles up as a fantastic and fun way to help your child learn more about geography. You could even use a chalkboard sticker or chalkboard paint and a stencil to achieve the map of the world on the wall, and provide your kid with chalk to write the names of the countries that they learn about, or describe the indigenous creatures from each region, providing hours of fun and education. 

These are just a few ideas that might inspire you when designing your kids’ playroom. Keep your child’s interests in mind and think of ways that the playroom can be educational as well as fun when coming up with your decor plans.