6 Plumbing Problems That Can Put Your Business at Risk


Plumbing issues can be a big disruption to any business. Not only can it result in a loss of productivity but it could also affect your business image. Imagine a restaurant where customers may not use the bathrooms because a plumbing situation has suddenly appeared. 

The different plumbing problems that can surface in your business could be varied. Fortunately, the commercial plumbing Melbourne contractors provide can help you with that. Find out about possible challenges you’ll face and how to deal with them, so you’re ready for any eventuality.

Common Plumbing Problems that Could Happen in Your Business

We all know that plumbing problems just appear, as out of nowhere. Improper maintenance can increase the risk of plumbing issues. Let’s have a look at a few of the most common plumbing issues and how to avoid them. 

Backflow Problems

The problem: Backflow refers to the problem that occurs when there’s a reversal of the flow of water. This usually happens when there’s a change in pressure. This could be as a result of faulty pressure valves. This type of problem can lead to water contamination. 

The solution: A commercial plumber will be able to detect the problem if you have routine maintenance audits. An air gap can be created to decrease the pooling of water in faucets and valves. Comprehensive testing will ensure that there aren’t any contamination issues that can negatively affect your business. The commercial plumber will also be able to assist you with prevention measures. 

Gas Leakage

The problem: Because gas leaks are difficult to detect, they could go on for a while before you realise it’s time to call for help. Gas leaks happen when there’s a leak in the gas pipe and starts seeping into your building. People exposed to gas suffer from headaches, difficulty in breathing, and possible death, so it’s important to deal with this issue as soon as possible. 

The solution: Any suspicion of gas leaks should be referred to your commercial plumber immediately. The plumber will trace the cause of the leak and take the necessary steps to get the leak repaired. They can also do a full audit on the whole gas system to ensure there aren’t other hidden problems. A certified plumber will also be able to provide you with preventative measures you can put in place. 

Clogged Toilets

The problem: Having clogged toilets is a problem that almost every business has experienced at one point or another. Business toilets are prone to clogging because they’re being used all day by multiple customers and staff.

The solution: Prevention is better than cure in this regard. One way to reduce the likelihood of clogged toilets is by educating your employees about toilet flushing etiquette. Put up signs informing employees and customers of how to dispose of items that shouldn’t’ be flushed. Check toilets regularly to identify an issue before it causes a serious problem. 

Hot Water Supply Issues

The problem: In some businesses, hot water may be seen as a luxury. There are industries though, like restaurants and medical facilities that require hot water to adhere to their industry licensing regulations. Problems arise when there are issues with the water pressure. 

The solution: A commercial plumber will be able to insulate your water heater. This will reduce heat loss. He might also suggest replacing the thermostat or the actual heating unit to rectify the problem. Your commercial plumbing service might also suggest switching to a tankless water heater system to prevent the problem in the future. 

Recurrent Clogged Drains

The problem: Clogged drains can be a major problem for restaurants where kitchen sinks and dishwasher lines carry food debris. Ignoring the problem could result in damaged pipes that will require invasive repairs. 

The solution: Ensure employees know how to properly dispose of grease and food debris without pouring it in the sinks. Your commercial plumber will be able to give you preventative measures to avoid recurrent clogged drains. If regular maintenance audits are performed on the drains, your plumber will be able to clear up debris before it causes a major blockage. 


The problem: Leaks can often occur in taps in kitchens or bathrooms as well as cracked pipes or leaking toilets. If left unattended, this can become a major problem. Not only will it cause a mess but will also result in water being wasted and higher water bills. There is also the risk that an employee or customer could slip on the water and suffer an injury leaving you open to liability claims. Pools of water where pipes are leaking can also cause mildew, allergies and respiratory problems to staff after continuous exposure. 

The solution: Once a leak is identified, contact your commercial plumber immediately. They’ll be able to repair the leak as well as perform an audit on the other pipes to check for additional problems. Even the smallest leak can become a huge problem if left unattended.


Plumbing problems need to be dealt with professionally and quickly to avoid any disruption to your business. Have a commercial plumber perform routine maintenance audits on the whole plumbing system. Fixing a small problem in advance will save costs in the long run. It will also avoid any disruptions to your business!