6 Reasons to Buy a Leatherman Multi-Tool


Picture the scenario: You are camping out in the wilderness and you need to fashion some fishing line. You need something to both cut the line and crimp it properly so it stays secure to the fishing pole. This would be easy if you had a Leatherman Multi-Tool. 

A multi-tool, like the name implies, is an all in one tool that contains several useful applications. Multi-tools can have pliers, screwdrivers, knives, bottle openers, and more, all integrated into a single device that will fit on your keychain or in your pocket. Now you can have multi-functionality ain the palm of your hand. 

An EDC multi-tool is best suited when you need access to a lot of applications but don’t want to carry a bunch of separate tools on you. There are a bunch of other benefits of multi-tools, which is what we are going to talk about. We are going to cover 6 key reasons why you should buy a Leatherman multi-tool. 

1. Makes Your Day Easier

You’d be surprised how many uses you find for a multi-tool once you start carrying one around. Even small things like opening an envelope or cutting up some fruit are easier with a multi-tool. Now you don’t have to run around looking for specific tools for specific things; you have all of them you need in one place. Other useful daily tasks a multi-tool is handy for include cutting tape, opening bottles, as pliers, and screwing things. Removing splinters, and clipping coupons.  Once you start carrying a multi-tool around, you’ll wonder how you managed before without one. 

2. Be Prepared

You’ll never know when you need access to a screwdriver or pliers. That’s why it helps to always have one on you in case the situation calls for it. The Leatherman Skeletool, for example, includes a Phillips head screwdriver end, foldable switchblade, and a sturdy pair of pliers at the head. Any small issue can be easily fixed with a multi-tool so you’ll get a reputation as the friend who is always prepared.

3. Safety

Sometimes you have to take safety into your own hands. While we certainly hope you will never have to use your multitool or knife to protect yourself, if it comes down to it, you’d be better served having some way to defend yourself.  In that sense, a multitool can bring peace of mind. It’s also good for fixing small dangers around the house. For example, you can use the Leatherman Wingman or Leatherman Surge to bend away the points of dangerous edges in the house. 

4. Adaptability

While the parts of multi-tools have specific functions, you can often use them in ways they weren’t explicitly designed for. Here is a cool use: if you know the dimensions of your multi-tool, you can use it as a kind of ruler for quick measurement checks. You can use the screwdriver attachment as a pry bar or you could just use it as a makeshift paperweight if you are so inclined. Really, the possibilities are endless. The only limit is how creative you are. 

5. Convenience

Along with the utility, multi-tools are just easy to use. They are small, lightweight, and portable, which adds to the overall convenience. Full-sized tools like screwdrivers and box cutters work well enough but you have to keep track of them. Why not skip the middle step and just have everything in the same place? You’ll find yourself saving time and effort you would otherwise spend looking for other tools. 

6. Lifestyle

Multi-tools are about a specific lifestyle; a lifestyle that says “I am ready to face challenges.” We here at WildProofGear believe that the key philosophy behind multi-tools is “preparedness.” You should never find yourself without a plan and without a way to do what you want to do. Self-sufficiency and self-reliance are key attitudes that we think are important, and multitools are a step into a life of self-reliance and independence. 


So why should you have a multi-tool? Aside from the convenience and adaptability, a good multi-tool is a way to exercise your independence and remain prepared for whatever situations might come up. You never know when you’ll need to unscrew something or cut a loose thread so its best to make sure you are ready all the time with an EDC multi-tool.