6 Security Upgrades for Your New Home

white surveillance camera hanging on wall
Photo by Alan J. Hendry on Unsplash

Moving into a new home brings with it a lot of excitement and anticipation of happy moments to create. Your home should be your sanctuary, a place where you can relax, be totally comfortable and above all else feel safe. 

These days, no matter where you live, crime prevention is a very real factor that we all need to give a considerable amount of thought to. This doesn’t just include your personal safety when you are out and about but also the way you protect your home. Whether you’ll be installing a new alarm system or even an intercom system, due diligence must be given to your home security. 

There are the basics, like lock and door security, burglar bars & locks on gates that we all assume is standard security for any home. But, what else can you do to secure your home? Here are 6 security upgrades to consider.

Invest in an Alarm System

Alarm systems use sensors to monitor your home’s entry points. When movement is detected, the sensors send a signal to a control panel and the home security company you have chosen is notified and guards are dispatched to your home to investigate.  

Advances in technology have introduced us to smart alarm systems that use wireless technology to incorporate your security with your day-to-day life. Get alerts straight on your mobile device! As a bonus, wireless alarm systems have gained popularity because the installation process is that much simpler. 

Install an Intercom System  

Installing an intercom system not only allows you to instantly communicate with visitors through the push of a button, but also adds to the security system you have in place. Chances of you opening the door to a criminal are minimised. 

A video intercom doorbell has the same features as normal intercom systems but give you the additional feature of live video. A camera installed at your front door will allow you to see the person wishing to gain entry. Advanced models have features that allow you to record or photograph all visitors. Footage can then be viewed at a later stage if necessary. 

Like wireless alarm systems, wireless intercoms are gaining popularity. A strong selling feature on these units is that they don’t require any wires to function. They can also be moved around at any time. 

Wireless Sirens

Another very functional feature for your alarm system is the addition of wireless sirens. Essentially wireless sirens are just noisemakers that alert you to intruders. These audible alarms can be connected to motion sensors and will sound an alarm when movement is detected. 

These units don’t need relay modules, power supplies or even cables. Receiving power from regular batteries, they can remain functional for years. 

Security Cameras—the CCTV Option

Closed Circuit television, or CCTV as it’s more commonly known, has been available for many years. Recent advances in this field have assisted police in apprehending criminals faster than before. 

CCTV, a system made up of strategically placed cameras & monitors, allows you to view and record events happening in and around your property. You can record the daily events around your property during the day while you’re at work and review the footage at a later stage. Footage can also be handed to the police and used to prosecute criminals. 

Create a Safe Room 

Does the idea of having a safe room in your house sound a little far-fetched? With an increase in home invasions, the creation of safe rooms has gained popularity around the world. 

The advantage is that you don’t have to redesign your home or build an additional room. With a few security modifications an existing room in your house can double as a safe room in the event of an emergency. 

Firstly, select the room most suitable for this function. It needs to be big enough to have your entire family inside it at the same time; the bathroom for instance would not be the best option. If possible, install a solid door with reinforced locks. The panel of your security system should ideally also be installed in this room. This includes the monitor linked to your security cameras. 

Items such as a properly stocked first aid kit, fresh water and non-perishable snacks are vital. The room should also have a phone for calling the police as well as a list of emergency contact numbers. For added protection, invest in a method of self-defence.

Motion Sensor Lights

All moving objects radiate heat waves. These infrared waves are detected by the motion sensor lights and will alert your control panel. Intruders won’t be able to pass under these lights without being detected. Again, like your other security features, events can be recorded when you aren’t home. 

A Worthwhile Investment

Home security is not a matter to be taken lightly. Any additions to your security system will only go toward giving you and your family peace of mind to enjoy your new home!