6 Steps for Creating the Ideal Home Office


Working from home can be the ideal situation for many of us. You set your own hours, the fridge is full of your favourite snacks, and – if you’re so inclined – you can work in your pyjamas. However, even though you’re at home, it’s important to remember you’re there to work. You need to have an environment where you’re comfortable, but also productive. By following some simple steps, you can create the perfect home office.

Get the Right Technology

It’s all well and good saying you want to work from home, and creating a space to do so. But if your computer, internet, or other programmes you need aren’t up to scratch, you’re not going to get very far. Make sure everything is running smoothly. If you’ve been putting making some upgrades, now is the time to do so. You can’t do the work if you’re equipment isn’t functioning.

Comfortable Desk Chair

Even though you’re at home – just like any office job – you’re going to be spending a lot of time sat in front of your computer. You need to invest in a chair which offers plenty of back support, arm rest and can be adjusted to the height you need to sit in front of the screen comfortably. It’s one of the most important things so make sure you spend time selecting one that’s right for you. Also remember to get up and stretch, even if it’s just to go and make yourself another coffee.

Vertical Blinds

According to Forbes natural light is a must in your home office. Vertical blinds can make it easy for you to control light. When the sun starts to invade your work environment, you can effectively use the blinds to avoid the glare on your computer screen. Plus, the style you choose can give your space that much more of a professional feel.


Even though natural light is the ideal, that’s not to say a desk lamp isn’t important. When it begins to get darker earlier, you’ll need a soft source of light which won’t cause too much eyestrain. A desk lamp can also bring that needed cosy feel to your home office.

Comfort Zone

According to Fast Company a comfort zone is an overlooked perk of a home office. You are working from your home, why not make bring in some home comforts? You can get a sofa, or an armchair, so you have a place where you can recline and relax. This means you can give yourself breaks without leaving your workspace and getting too distracted by the likes of TV or household chores. You could even put a blanket and a few of your favourite books there to make it extra snug.

Get Organised

A mistake a lot of people who work from home make is not having a system in their office. Paper, pens, and printouts tend to cover the entire space. Make sure you keep things tidy and know where everything is. Just like other rooms in your house, you want your office to be neat and presentable.