6 Steps to Buy the Perfect Wedding Ring


A wedding ring is one of the most important and sentimental jewelry pieces you will ever have through your lifetime. It will be easier shopping for wedding rings if you go about it knowing exactly what to look out for. In this article, you will find out how to get it right with buying wedding ring.

Start Your Search Early

Take time to find out the available styles and what they cost. You should start your wedding ring search at least 2 months to your big day. Don’t make the mistake of picking the first ring you see just because you don’t have a lot of time on your side. You’ll have to keep in mindthat there should be enough time for resizing if the need arises.

Set a Budget

Couples spend thousands of dollars on wedding bands each year. Before you go about shopping for ring, ensure you have a realistic budget. It is advisable that you both analyse your total wedding budget and see what would make sense for your jewelry. Luckily, wedding bands are quite affordable and won’t drive you into debt..

Get Sized

Getting your ring sized is the best way to determine your ring size. However some rings can’t be resized like tungsten rings that are very hard or eternity bands which have a solid structure. Getting an accurate ring size is very essential. Your fingers are smallest in the mornings, so resizing in the afternoon or evening is the best. Once the jeweler measures your ring size, write it down so you won’t forget it.

Choose Wisely

When choosing a wedding band, your lifestyle is a major determining factor. Find out what metal is best for you.For instance, if you do a lot with your hands or are rough with jewelry, a cobalt or platinum wedding band will be a wise jewelry metal investment because they are incredibly durable, but if your skin is very sensitive, then you’ll be fine with a hypoallergenic precious metal for your wedding band. A great hypoallergenic option is platinum. In all, the ring doesn’t necessarily have to match your partner’s, but figure out what style you like most and choose a ring that fits.

Inspect for Qualitys

When you inspect your moissanite rings, you can discover the quality quickly. The inside of the ring is the quickest place to determine the quality. Look for an inscription inside the ring that indicates the kind of metal quality that was used. For instance, gold jewelry will mostly have an “18k” or a “14k” inscription on the inner shank of the ring. Platinum will often have the “PLAT,” “PT,” or “950” inscription inside the ring. You should also see the manufacturers trademark inside the band, which is an important inscription because it shows the manufacturers are bold to claim their work.

Insure Your Ring

If you wedding band seems to be more expensive than usual, then you might consider taking jewelry insurance especially if you find you misplace things easily. An insurance for your jewelry will protect you financially in case of loss, theft or damage to your ring.