6 Things You Should Be Cleaning WAY More Often


We tend to neglect the things we use so often. Why? A proper psychological study could be written about it, and some are probably already written. We probably feel safe about them since we use them so much, so we end up having so much bacteria around ourselves. Well, we definitely shouldn’t let that happen because, despite the fact that we rely on a certain number of bacteria, so many others are a source of disease. Here we will mention only some of those items that we here at Domestic Cleaners – Helpling deal a lot with and try to remind you to clean them yourself way more often too. Here we go:

  • Neglected keyboards

Keyboards, especially the public ones – those in the offices or the internet cafés can contain up to 110 times more bacteria than the public toilet seats! Even the keyboard you use by yourself isn’t any better. There are many reasons to this – you definitely don’t wash your hands before every keyboard use, we tend to eat quite often near our keyboards and simply, we use them so often. As a result, they collect dirt and germs at an alarming rate. So yes, wipe clean them as often as possible – you can use alcohol wipes or a cloth soaked in vinegar. Also, you get an extra benefit – your keyboard will last longer and the letters on it won’t fade away so quickly.

  • Sheets need cleaning way more often

If one thing needs to be clean all the time, that would be the sheets you sleep on. Yes, you sleep on them, you sweat on them, maybe you have a pet that sleeps on them too, so they get dirty in no time, even if you can’t see that! The fact that you wash yourself every night before going to bed is irrelevant if your sheets are not clean too. So, make sure you wash your sheets at least weekly! Besides the hygienic motive, there is no such thing as lying in the fresh sheets after a long day.

  • Knobs, handles, and light switches – oh, you touch these so much, right?

This list is pretty long: all the handles to the fridge, oven, microwave or faucet, cabinet knobs and handles, door knobs, light switches… We touch these numerous times a day and our hands are not always the cleanest when we do. Well, since it isn’t hard at all to clean them, simply grab a disinfectant cloth and remove the germs and the dirt and grime. Plus, you will return the shine that these forgotten objects once had, in no time. Nice and clean!

  • The filthy phones

This is a serious one. We use our phones all the time and – everywhere, making them one of our dirtiest accessories. Do we clean them? Probably not, and even if we do, definitely not enough. Remember how often you check your phone while you are out, just after you’ve grabbed some public knob or went to toilet… And afterward, you hold it against your face while talking. This should be enough to make you clean you filthy phone way more often. And it’s not difficult, just wipe it clean with a disinfectant wipe or you can use some cotton swabs with rubbing alcohol to clean around buttons, phone case, etc. This will also remove the greasy fingerprints on your screen that bothered you so much. You’re welcome!

  • Don’t forget the contact case

There probably isn’t a thing as precious as eyes. If you are wearing contact lenses you know this better than the rest. Yet, we often tend to neglect our contacts and contact cases. This is very dangerous, and please do something about it so you don’t have to find out just how dangerous can it be. Your solution isn’t made for reuse. So, don’t reuse it. Empty the case each time you put your contacts in and refill with a fresh solution when taking them out. Another thing you can do – rinse the case with solution and wipe dry between uses. Also, your case needs to be replaced with a new one every 3 months or so. Your eyes will be grateful!

  • Last but not least, laundry baskets

You put your dirty, sweaty clothes in laundry baskets. How can they not be dirty? They also collect germs, and with nice warm and wet environment, why wouldn’t they? Also, you probably turn around sometimes and put clean clothes back in them! First, you should designate some laundry baskets for clean and some for dirty. The dirty ones you should wipe out regularly with disinfectant wipes if they are plastic, or even try washing them if they are mesh.

Honourable mentions (or not so honorable): reusable water bottles (you drink from them), towels and bathmats (you wipe with those), TV remote (it is in your hand quite often), coffeemaker (once again, you drink the coffee from it), loofah, trashcan. Make sure you take care of these too!

That’s it for now, we provided you with some examples of things that need way more cleaning. This is only a beginning, something to make you think about it. So, don’t stop there – this list is much longer in reality and the level of dirtiness grows with the level of the usage of the item. So, bear this in mind and start your cleaning spree right away!