6 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Son in 2021


After having a child in your life, your life will automatically take a huge 360 angle turn. They are the most beautiful creatures that will fill your lives with joy and happiness. One beautiful smile on their face makes your day a lot better. Being around them helps us stay energetic and positive. Because they are so full of life. We are doing so much for them since their birth to see that charm in their eyes. But surprising them on their birthday is the most difficult job from the perspective of a parent. And it becomes more difficult for you when your kids own almost everything in their collection. There will be no such item that one cannot find in their belongings. But still there wish list would be having a number of different items that they desire to have in their life. Now you don’t need to give up by having a thought on this because there are still plenty of gifts ideas that will make a thoughtful and useful gift for your loving kid.


Anyhow we have gathered some of the amazing ideas for you that anyone kid would love to receive. 

Customised cake 

 As we all know that, sons always remain so excited after having a thought of their birthday party. You can also plan a surprise party for him whether it’s his birthday or if you want to give him a reward of getting good grades in academics. It would be the best and thoughtful idea. You can also join him in the discussion of what type of theme party he wants to have. It would be a bit easier for you. And celebrations are not complete without a happy birthday cake, so you can also customize a cake with a picture of him. He would surely like it. 


 If your son is a college going student or school going student. Every kid definitely desires a funky bag in their teen life. So start finding a gift that fits according to your kids choice and preferences. You can buy a bag that is spacious enough to carry all his belongings in it. Whether he is going on a trip or on a regular school day, it must fit in all his essentials so that it would make a multipurpose bag for him. 

Desk organiser 

 It’s the perfect time to change his old desk organiser with a new one. If he is the one who doesn’t care about how his messy desk looks like then you should probably give this one. Find a vintage wooden desk organiser that will go exactly with his furniture and table design. It would also help him to keep his desk in an organised manner. 

Customised mug 

 Customised gifts are best as they make the gift more emotional and sentimental. This will tell your son how much he means to you. You can get it designed by quoting a sentiment line on it or by transcribing his name and his meaning on it. Every time he takes a sip through this mug, he will have a thought of you. 


Parents are the one who teaches life lessons and fills their kids mind with abundant knowledge. So it’s perfect time to introduce him with a new novel of interest that he will find it fun reading in his spare time. This will make a thoughtful and educational gift as well. 

Engraved bracelet 

For marking your presence around him always, gifting this engraved bracelet would make a so meaningful gift. You can get him this by engraving his initials on it or by quoting ‘world’s best son’ on it. This  will always remind you of her. 

There were some thoughtful and useful gifts that a parent can treat a son with. We are sure he will definitely like it because it’s coming from his parents. Or you can’t find an outlet for a customised cake then you can opt for cake delivery to send cake online as well.