6 Tips for Enhancing Neighborhood Green Space


For most people, a house is the most significant investment they’ll make in their lifetime. For that reason, homeowners should to be diligent about taking steps to enhance the market value of their residence. Naturally, a primary focus of increasing the market value of a home is the state of the neighborhood itself. 

With that in mind, it’s important to consider the state of the green space that exists within the neighborhood. Thus, each resident of a neighborhood should consider ways to beautify and manage the space efficiently. Though it may sound like a large task to take on, there are a few simple ways to achieve a clean and eco-friendly environment. 

Minimal Is Best

Before making additions to neighborhood green space, consider why you’re adding it. Green space exists to create natural spaces (particularly in urban neighborhoods) that are peaceful and encourage recreation in the midst of concrete and busy developments. Because the goal is tranquility, homeowners should avoid overwhelming a neighborhood green space with “stuff.”

Place Proper Trash and Recycling Receptacles

One of the first steps to keeping green space “green,” is keeping it clean. The best way to do this is by placing proper trash and recycling receptacles in the space itself. Adding signage that encourages residents to take advantage of the receptacles is also a useful tool for helping maintain a tidy green space.

Place Pooch Poop Stations in the Space

Many families use green space as a place to walk their pets. Although most pet owners carry their own bags to pick up after their pet, providing bags and trash cans for pet waste can help insure that residents maintain the cleanliness of those environments.

Add Drinking Fountains for Residents and Pets

Incorporating drinking fountains into green space further encourages rest and recreation. Not to mention the benefit to residents who use the space for their “fur babies.” Sixty percent of U.S. households own pets. Creating a green space that meets the needs of both pets and their owners is a sure way to increase the market value of a neighborhood.

Install Bike Racks

Because green space should encourage recreation, chances are, many people will elect to ride their bikes to and from there. Thus, installing bike racks to accommodate these residents is another important step to appropriately optimize the area. There is a considerable array of bike rack options that are well-suited for inclusion in a neighborhood green space. 

Build an Eco-Friendly Playground

Finally, when it comes to additions that truly do enhance the overall value of a green space, adding an eco-friendly playground is another enhancement that neighborhood residents should consider. An eco-friendly playground provides an area for children to enjoy the green space and the company of their peers.

By employing these strategies and recommendations, the residents of a neighborhood will be able to make the most of a green space in their enclave. The green space will truly become an asset that increases the overall market value of the homes in the area.