6 Tips For Finding The Best Cigar Prices


Cigar lovers will agree that there may be no better way to relax and enjoy some rich flavor and exotic fragrances than sharing a perfectly rolled cigar with friends. Although many non-smokers would describe a smoking lounge as stale and musty, this smell feels like home for people enjoying their little luxuries.

Although some true connoisseurs won’t mind the price tag of their cigars, others will enjoy their hobby on a stricter budget. It may be especially true for the younger generation, considering that, according to an article for Oxford Academic, cigars are becoming more popular among males between 17 and 19 years of age. 

Whichever cigar smoker they choose to be, everyone would still prefer to find the best cigar prices on the market to support their smoking pleasures, and below are tips to achieve just that:

  1. Determine Your Preferences For Flavor

Establishing what tastes you prefer is the first step to finding the best cigar prices. Of course, each cigar lover will have a specific brand or supplier they like to use, but the possibilities are endless for perhaps finding a new product elsewhere.

Once a person knows what they want, they can search for that specific item and thus find competitive pricing from various vendors for the same thing. 

  1. Search For High-Quality Suppliers

Finding the perfect cigar and the deal that will suit your pocket simultaneously may take some time. Fortunately, lovers of cigars have many options that could satisfy their every smoking need. Some prefer to visit a store so they can see, touch, and smell their cigars, while others would buy cigars online.

Before rushing to click the checkout button or popping into the nearest tobacconist, read more about them in online reviews and compare their prices to those of their competitors. Although the first online store you find or the closest store may be convenient, they may not offer the best price for the specific cigar you’re looking to buy.

  1. Join Discussions To Gain Experience

Like any other hobby, cigar smokers have many forums to share information, ideas, and their latest best buys. Gaining more knowledge about cigar suppliers will help beginners or experts discuss with others in their circle to find precisely what they’re looking for from their purchases.

Others who have gone through a similar process could provide valuable guidance on where to source retailers or products and have tips on negotiating a better rate, if possible. 

  1. Sign Up For Cigar Sampling

Smoking cigars usually looks expensive and makes it feel like the smokers belong to some elite club. Mostly, this could be true as they often meet in cigar lounges to enjoy smoking together. While chatting away, they may also share the taste of their cigars with those in their company. Subsequently, everyone in the room gets to try new flavors before some disappear from the market.

Another way of broadening your palate could be to sign up for a subscription that delivers a different cigar each month to the comfort of your home. It could also assist cigar lovers in discovering flavors of the world so that they don’t miss out on the experience. Chances are that this or the option mentioned above would introduce a new appreciation for a cigar that could have a better price tag than your current selection.

  1. Scour Social Media Interest Groups

Along with forums, social media platforms offer a lot of information at the click of the search button. With many groups and pages dedicated to uploading reputable information and exciting facts about cigars, anyone can quickly learn more about the various products that interest them.

Social media influencers often try out products and comment on their experience by creating a video, including where they bought the item and how much they spent on it, giving viewers a chance to review the products before looking for better deals elsewhere. Unsurprisingly, according to an article by HubSpot, 94% of consumers found that these reviews influenced their choice of product and the business they support.

  1. Consider Importing Cigars In Bulk

It’s a well-known fact that cigar-producing countries like Cuba have the best to offer, so naturally, any cigar connoisseur would love to have some in their collection. Unfortunately, they aren’t available at every outlet, so to find them at an affordable price, the person may have to import them.

According to the Code of Federal Regulations, tobacco products could carry a tax implication when imported from other countries, like Cuba. Cigar smokers should remember to factor this into the price when ordering and paying online. 

The Final Puff

Cigar smoking has always been a sign of stature and even respect for some. For this reason, it draws many to try out different cigars until they find the one that suits their budget best. Finding the best deal could take some time, but the journey is worth a cigar lover’s up to the last puff.