6 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Home Decor for Your Living Room 


Choosing the perfect home decor can bring warmth, comfort, and relaxation to your living room.

Generally, interior designing can save you money, if you do it to pass time or if it’s a hobby. But, it’s crucial to first get the right ideas before going ahead to making decorations in your living room. Otherwise, you’ll make a fool out of yourself when things go wrong.

Here are six tips you should know before taking the plunge to decorate your living room:

  1. The Lighting of Your Space Matters

Before making a start on the home decor, make attempts to breaking down your room into functional areas to know the lighting in every section.

There are different kinds of light placement and concentration which mainly show how localized or focused the light is. They include;

  • Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting can help improve the overall lighting in your living room. It helps create a warm glow in your living room area.

It may fill the room but can’t be used for specific activities that require concentration, e.g. Reading. You can use chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces, and flush lights to create this type of glow in your living room.

  • Task Lighting

Specific tasks require bright light to give you an easy time while performing specific tasks. 

You can use table lamps, desk lamps, reading lamps, or full-spectrum lamps to enhance your light while reading or working on tasks that require much of your attention.

  • Accent Lighting

Accent lights help to add a local soft glow in highlighted areas. Their main use is to decorate and add a sense of touch to the lighting in your living room.

You can accent your living room’s lighting using spotlights, up-lights, or even accent lamps.

  1. Play with Color

Your living room is definitely the most common room in your house, and adding your best splash of paint should be in your must-do list. Color creates the mood in a room. It can either be neutral, bright or even bold.

Remember, this is the place you spend most of your time in, either with friends or family, so its good to be sensitive on your color range. Brighter colors are usually more appealing, rejuvenating, and they also activate your moods.

When choosing the perfect color for your home décor, consult with available paint dealers before settling on the type of color you want to be painted on your living room walls.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Flooring

Much of your attention when setting up your living room décor should also be centered on the type of flooring you opt to use. It’s very important because flooring determines your mobility within the room. Opting a smooth flooring can be risky to you and your little ones (especially walking on it when it’s damp) which can pose dangers of sliding and even falling.

Choose a rather rough-looking/ textured finish to give you a grip and reduce the risks of falling. Also, lay a keen eye on the floor temperature. A cold floor can bring health problems compared to a wooden one.

Alternatively, you can carpet your floor if you see it as unsuitable to walk on with bare feet.

  1. Express Yourself

Most people fail to add a touch of their personalities on the choices they make when decorating their living rooms. Adding a sense of character in your decorations can be easily achieved through the love and affection you have for things, places, or even features.

Popping a hand-crafted wall clock, beadwork or even a portrait picture of a legendary leader on your wall can showcase your personality too. To learn more, go to https://www.photowall.com/canvas-prints 

  1. Choice of Fabrics

 A set of factors come into play when you go shopping for fabrics to decorate your living room décor. Just like paint, the choice of fabric color can bring in a dramatic effect in your living room. You can create a bold accent by choosing a bright color.

But, you should consider your pets. If you’re a pet lover, opt for a natural blend and fluffy textures. If you’re allergic, go for smooth, synthetic blends as they offer fewer depositories for dust.

  1. Functional Yet Elegant Furniture

Before selecting the right furniture for your home, consider the feeling you want to create in those spaces. Pick up on pieces that best reflect your feeling.

If you prefer making the room feel minimal and elevated, run for pieces with clean, sharp lines.

Additionally, leather can be a perfect match for a neutral backdrop and can match whatever rugs or prints you fill your space with while having its own, unique qualities.

Opting for accessories with a few marble and metal pieces will add interest visually without squeezing up your space.