6 Tips on How to Organize Your Bathroom Cabinets


Have you ever experienced seeing the area under the sink of your kitchen or bathroom like an island of lost products? And until you take the measures to sort it out and install some (potentially temporary) organizational alternatives, it will never get any better.

A made in the USA bathroom cabinets is perfect for storing your toiletries and other things, from your cleaning supplies, curling iron, hairdryer, shampoo, soaps, and conditioner. Why not when USA-manufactured cabinets are sturdier than those produced in China? 

However, no matter how sturdy and high quality your bathroom cabinets are, when its contents are scattered anywhere, it wouldn’t make any difference to low-quality ones. It will still deteriorate fast. So, do you think it’s time to clean and organize your stuff? Here are some “do-it-yourself” tips on how to organize your bathroom under the sink area.

You should prepare the following materials.

  •   Tape measure
  •   Scissors
  •   Drawer liner
  •   Under-sink organizers

Let’s get started!

You should always organize your bathroom cabinets to prevent spending more time searching for your stuff. Cluttered things will make you feel stressed all day long. Therefore, think of ways on how you can organize your sink’s prime storage room. Doing the following steps will declutter your cabinets and also protect them from being damaged sooner than usual.

Step 1: Cleaning it Out

Your bathroom sink cabinet might be full of unnecessary things that occupy much space than the important ones. Clear it out. Discard those things like broken glass containers because this might cause accidents in the bathroom. Remove the old ones and replace them with new ones. And most notably, do not store things that are not supposed to be stored there to make the area much spacious. Sometimes, we tend to forget or disregard our bathroom sinks because of our hectic schedules. However, this needs cleaning too, like any other storage rooms or cabinets. Once every two weeks is recommended for cleaning.

Step 2: Take the Measurements of Your Cabinet’s Dimensions

Using your tape measure, find the accurate measurements of your bathroom cabinets such as its width, height, and depth. Also, do not forget the cabinet doors’ actual measurements and make allowances for the opening and closing of your cabinet doors.

Use shelf liners that are water-resistant to protect your cabinet from broken makeups that might scatter around, wet sponges, and other cleaning supplies. Exposure to water and moisture can damage your bathroom cabinets, so this is necessary. 

Step 3: The Drawers

It’s difficult to clean your bathroom sink cabinet, but working around pipes is the hardest. Doing this is time-consuming and requires a lot of work because you need to clean the whole region and free it from dirt. That’s why stacking drawers will help you organize your bathroom materials and stuff and put the vertical spaces of your cabinet to use. These drawers will also help you not to lose your things at the back of your cabinet.

Step 4: The Stacking Bins and Drawer

If you are not interested in using drawers, use stacking bins that will fit in your cabinet instead. This is perfect for maintaining everything organized in one container for the small stuff. You can have distinct dimensional stacking bins, but comparable ones are much better. You can stack it vertically, and you can label it to identify which products are new and which are near to its expiration dates. So if you need something, you need to pull the bin out and return it back to its place.

For those cabinets that are under the sink, expandable organizers are also best. They will expand to your cabinet’s width and still provides the same storage space as stacking bins do. The only advantage is you just need to expand it to get what you need. But it again depends on your cabinet structure and your choice in choosing your cabinet organizers.


Step 5: Keep Your Items are Easy to Grab

Sometimes, it’s hard for you to grab your cleaning supplies under your sink, especially if you need to take it one by one. Now, to make it easier, store your things in a tote bag. Doing this will make it effortless for you to take your things like when you do the cleaning for your bathtub and windows. It will also be easier to store it back neatly when you are done using them.

Step 6: Put the Doors to Use

You can use hooks and attach them to the cabinet doors to hold some of the things that you can store outside your drawers or bins. You can also use PVC pipes that you can mount to your cabinet doors to organize your hair tools. If you have a lot of things inside your cabinet, make use of everything that will help you organize your stuff. There are a lot of things you can do to your cabinet doors. Just be creative in organizing your things.

Things that provide storage are very much helpful in organizing your tools and materials inside and outside your bathroom cabinets. It also prevents damage to them. You only need to dedicate a small amount of time to declutter your bathroom cabinets, and the result will surely be satisfying. These are just a few of the genius ideas on how you can organize your cabinets inside the bathroom. Start decluttering now!