6 Tips To Make Your Living Room Cozy And Inviting


You entertain your guest and make them feel at home, obviously not in your bathroom, sometimes in your kitchen, never in your bedroom, but mostly in your living room. Unlike other space in your house, a living room serves many purposes. From being a hangout place for a family gathering, welcoming area for guests to being the entertainment area for everyone. It is only fitting that it feels cozy and inviting.

In order for a space to be cozy and inviting, it needs to be warm, comfortable, interesting and, if possible, spacious. There is no need for a major renovation to materialize this idea. All you need is a little bit of moving, some minor installation, a hint of creativity and thoughtful positioning. Here are some tips to have your living room better serve your guest, your family and you.


Add Fuzzy Texture

Texture has a way to instigate a vibe or feel to a person. A fuzzy texture that looks warm and layered can help create a cozy atmosphere around your living room. You start off by putting throw pillows with a design that creates an accent or incorporate texture. You can also use your curtain to create the same result. Not only does it make you feel warm, albeit and clean but it also adds color to the room.

Rugs To Coziness

Rugs may seem like a simple item to press our feet on, but it can do more magic than that. With the right kind of design, texture and material, a rug can help you add color, dimension and, of course, warmth and coziness. It can help your room feel organized. It can transform your living room from plain to dainty, hence, inviting.

Texture Can Add Up

If have a monochromatic living room, the tendency is that it feel cold, dull and boring. If you don’t feel like changing the color, then you might want to tweak a bit in the texture department. Texture can create a cozy atmosphere with its layered feels. Any materials that feature a defined texture can work miracles. I suggested placing a fluffy item somewhere in your living room, or using a wood-based material or getting a knitted basket to complete this quest.


Lighting Makes Wonder

It is no secret that lighting can make a significant change in any space, hence, it can be used to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your living room. Overhead lighting is a good start to incorporate for a welcoming space. Choose a warm color lighting that can illuminate the layers and texture in your fixtures and items that make up your living room. Sculptural lighting can also be used to create an inviting area – not only does it work to enhance the mood in the room through its light but it also adds drama and is a good conversation starter.

Art For Culture and Warm

An artwork, in any form, can evoke emotions to people, thus it can cultivate the mood you want in the space you intend to place it. It gives dimension, scale, and intimacy to a room. Unlike furniture or other items, it is the perfect focal point. It can command a room and instantly make people interested in your living room.

Don’t Forget The Sense Of Smell

Whether it’s an aroma diffuser, air freshener or a scented candle, infusing scent and aroma to your living room can immediately transform it into a space of warmth. Well, it highly depends on the kind of scent you are going to use. But the sense of smell can indeed change the vibe of any space. Have you ever wondered why the spa feels so calm and relaxing the moment you stepped in? Yep, they are using scent to create that atmosphere.