6 top benefits of PVC Swing Doors


It should come as no surprise to anyone that in the past few years, PVC Door products have certainly taken off in a big way. Not to mention the fact that it has replaced the traditional timber doors in many applications where temperature or hygiene control is required.

The food manufacturing industry has adopted the Clear PVC Swing Doors or Clear Plastic Swing Doors for some time due to their robust and reliability advantages. These dual or bi swinging plastic doors can lock open at 90 degrees, as an optional feature, providing a clear and unobstructed path through doorways for bulk loading.

The Clear PVC plastic sheet used in these swing doors is high quality, and is ideal for recycling as their clear plastic sheet has no fillers or colours. The PVC Plastic Sheets can be replaced making these Swing Doors environmentally friendly as they are not a throw away item.

PVC Swing Doors are tough and resilient to impact making them ideal in applications where pallet trolleys, hand trolley or even fork lifts are used. The PVC Plastic Sheet absorbs impact making the swing doors safe and user friendly, reducing the potential for injury.

Benefits of Clear PVC Plastic Swing Doors.

    • Corrosion resistance: PVC doors are perfect for wet areas where the risk of corrosion is apparently high. PVC surfaces are highly immune to moisture, unlike metal and wooden doors. This water- and- corrosion-resistant property makes PVC swing doors a perfect fit for industrial applications as well as wet areas in homes. Powder coating of the PVC Swing Door frames is advisable in these applications.
    • Quick installation: PVC Swing Doors can be installed with ease. Medium duty PVC Swing Doors can be fitted in as little as 15 minutes per leaf and Heavy Duty PVC Swing Doors are generally fitted within 30 minutes per leaf.
    • Thermal Isolation: Clear PVC Swing Doors provide outstanding results with their thermal isolation properties and efficiency in controlling temperature in air conditioned rooms. The solid PVC Plastic sheet is the ultimate product to control air movement or drafts.
    • Low Maintenance: The PVC Swing doors are a low maintenance solution. Medium Duty PVC Swing doors have no maintenance requirements while the Heavy Duty PVC Swing Doors only require periodic greasing which can be completed in a few minutes.
  • Safety First: Safety is the highest priority in Australia as compensation claims effect insurance premiums and reputation. PVC Swing Doors absorb impact significantly reducing the risk of injury to workers and equipment. The clear see through clarity of the PVC Swing Doors also provide good visibility avoiding the potential of collision.

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