6 Ways to Make the Most of Australia Business Travel


Head back to Australia for another business trip?  To get the most of this beautiful place while you can, we created this quick travel guide to help you get the most of your time down under.

  1. Plan to Snag a Deal

The early bird gets the worm.  The same can be said about flights.  The earlier you book, the better you’ll be.  So whether airfare is your obligation or the office secretary is lagging, push to have your tickets booked as far in advance as possible.  Sites like Travelocity or Expedia will help you get deals on flights to Brisbane, rooms, and other useful things. We’ve saved hundreds of dollars using their system and would swear by it.

  1. Find a Great Place to Stay

Some sites offer huge discounts on luxury hotels. Make sure you do your fair share of searching before settling on a rate. Some rooms are discounted by as much as $46 and others, virtually free.

When it comes to Australia-The hotel we’ve seen with the best reviews is Sofitel Brisbane Central. This hotel possesses the Certificate of Excellence. Its buffet is something taken from the pages of a storybook. Many of its guests are pleased to find a train within walking distance, eliminating the need for a rental car. Others guests are wowed by the lovely club room. Still others compliment the beds as the perfect accommodation for weary travelers.

  1. Take the Meeting Outside of the Office

Switching up the place you have meetings is essentially useful for enhancing your productivity. In Brisbane, there are many places that make for unique and mentally stimulating backdrops. One such place is the Roma Street Parkland. Providing free Wi-Fi access since last year, Roma Street has varied flower displays. The tropical variations are subtropical and exotic. With the park being open 7-days a week and with no logins required, this is an ideal place to access in fair weather. Consider bringing the spreadsheets to the picnic area.  

  1. Grab a Seat in the City for Lunch

Companies notoriously meet for lunches. Sometimes these are costly dining areas. If you’re in charge of planning the meal, where can you take your team that reflects well on the business and is also economical for the company’s lunch budget?

Lucky for you, Brisbane has some excellent choices.

We reviewed Business Insider’s picks and picked our favorites out of the list.

Brasserie on the River

We actually chose this place for its beautiful location. The restaurant rises out above the river with an excellent view of a city bridge arching the sky line. If you’re taking our advice and you’re looking for aesthetic backdrops, this is the place. The roast is attractive as well.

Dumpling Republic Brisbane City

We chose this place with tech companies and Millennial-staffed new companies in mind. This is because the atmosphere is perfect for these demographics. Serving Asian cuisine, this restaurant is located in the Wintergreen Shopping Center. Being in the center of a busy retail district gives this location even more appeal for young business seeking to network with Brisbane locals. It’s familiarity serves as a welcome place for the locals to seek you out.

Asana by Pete Evans

We chose this place because it has a little bit of everything that made the others special. The menu is highly varied. The design of the inside is beautiful. This place is considered ideal for special occasions. Your business presentation/conference could be one such occasion. If you’re interested in modern art backdrops and mixed English/Asian cuisine, this is your place.

  1. Snag a Hot Cup of Joe

The combination of coffee and business is like hands and mittens. Most people associate one with the same. This is most likely because coffee houses originated around business transactions and public engagements in Old World Turkey.

It’s hard to give you advice on the best coffee houses in Brisbane. This is because there are so many choices that it’s almost impossible to narrow down those which are superior to the rest.

If we had to pick a few places, we’d say that Spring Hill Deli is a place for those seeking downtime. The establishment itself has a quaint red exterior and heartwarming tones. They also use real chocolate topping for their cappuccinos.

  1. Make Time to Explore the City

You may be tempted to keep it strictly business when you’re Down Under. Yet if you find a moment, you should do something for your own leisure to make the trip all around fulfilling. There is a Koala Sanctuary in the city’s greater area that is well worth the drive.

The secret is discovering local attractions that appeal to you. There are botanical gardens and farmers markets to rival all of California’s naturalist devotion. If you find the time, explore Brisbane in its natural element. Whether you seek out the common tourist attractions or just the city itself, you won’t be disappointed.


With deal systems in place and the top-rising creme to choose hotels and restaurants from, there’s no reason not to enjoy your business travel to the great down under.  As with anything in life, proper planning goes miles when it comes to enjoying yourself.  

Like Nate Robertson from Square Ship says, “Travel will make you a better entrepreneur.”  Take everything you experience from your business trip as a life lesson.