Eye-Catching DIY Hexagon Projects That Will Amaze You


The hexagon shape also known as honey comb has become really popular when it comes to interior design. Are you a fan of this shape too? Scroll down through the photos below and see the Eye-Catching DIY Hexagon Projects That Will Amaze You. All of the hexagon crafts will fit in almost any style and interior, so what are you waiting for? Pick the one that you like the best and recreate the look. The hexagon-shaped objects are bound to fascinate everyone, and there is not a single chance that they will go unnoticed. See it for yourselves!

What do you think about adding this stylish hexagon clock into your living room? Its shape is really elegant and sophisticated and marble screams for your attention. How do you like it?

Image via earnesthomeco.com

If your walls are plain white, then you should get down to work and make a unique piece of art to fill them up a bit. The hexagon shaped photo frames can be made in no time. Get a decorative paper and make a playful design that will attract the attention of everyone.

Image via craftgawker.com

It turns out that the hexagon-shaped shelves are just perfect for shoe storage. Flat shoes will fit here perfectly well, so if you have tons of flat, this is the design that you should pursue for your next shoe storage.

Image via designertrapped.com

The honeycomb shape is not something that is seen very often, so if you decide to get a custom-made shelf, go for something unique. I love the look of the shelf below since it’s not an ordinary shelf. How about you?

diy wooden hexagon shelves crafts - crystal sculpture shelves decoration-f59180
Image via downton.loveitsomuch.com
Image via etsy.com

The glass vases can be boring at time, so if you wish to do something about the plain vase, think hexagon and copy the look below. The gold color is royal and is great for modern interior designs.

Image via makelyhome.com

If you are good in knitting and you have amazing skills, maybe the design below will catch your eye and will inspire you for your next craft.

Image via wonderfuldiy.com

Think big and get a hexagon dining room table for utmost enjoyment and for more space on the table. Get a strong piece of wood and pipes to create this wonderful dining room table.

Image via abeautifulmess.com

Your notebook for keeping records and schedule should be a reflection of your personality, so if you are a creative person, then you should make these marvelous hexagon shapes as soon as possible. You will have fun for sure!

Image via pienthesky.blogspot.mk

Would you like to have your wall decorated in the fashion below? The ombre hexagons are just adorable. Aren’t they?

Image via vintagerevivals.com

use your imagination and apply the hexagons anywhere in the home. Play with colors to get a stunning final result.

Image via designpursuit.com

You can use cardboard to create the hexagon shelves, and they will look pretty expensive if you color them in gold. Which DIY hexagon craft impressed you the most?

Image via makinglemonadeblog.com