7 Amazing Facts about Thai’s Tourism

image via pixabay.com

If there’s a country that you don`t need reasons to make a traveling journey to, it’s Thailand. Thailand also referred to as “the land of smile” is the cornerstone of the Southeast Asia, with regards to tourism. The country prides itself in attracting more than 1.5M visitors on a yearly basis.

Thailand is a wonderful country that has so much to offer, that you`ll be spoilt for choice on which travel destination to visit. The nation is scattered with luxurious resorts, five-star hotels, white sandy beaches, numerous islands, and is rich in wildlife.

However, some of these features can be found in other countries. Right? The thin-cut line between Thailand and other countries is the number of amazing facts that separates Thailand from the rest.

Below are some of the startling facts about Thailand.

  • Budget Destination

Holidays in Thailand are extremely cheap. According to backpackers index, Thailand has the most number of cities with the cheapest costs per stay. The index actors in the transport costs, meals, cost per night, a paid attraction per day and a beer or two.

It`s no wonder that Thailand has become an ultimate choice for couples looking for romance, culinary tourists, and backpackers seeking adventures and. The affordable prices are even tempting families to book their stay at Villa Sanyanga.

  • Year round sunshine

The climate in Thailand is categorized as hot and humid. The rains in Thailand are not constant, and often raining for two to three hours before drying out. Otherwise, the rest of the season experiences a warm weather climate good for touring. Whether you visit in May or December, always expects a cool/warm climate and mostly clear days.  Thailand is a bit different from the cool, hot, and rainy climate you`re used to.

  • Geographical location

A journey from Sao Paulo or Mexico City to Thailand might seem eternal, but once on Thailand, everywhere is just around the corner. Whether you need to catch a bus to Cambodia, a four-hour flight to Bali, two hours in Singapore or New Delhi, Thailand is strategically placed to make moving around the world easier. It`s also important to note that Thailand is half-way between Europe and Australia. Thailand is an awesome place to start or end your travel adventure.

  • Unspoiled beauty

The Thais revere all their natural features, cultural artifacts, and even animals, thanks to the ingrained Buddhism culture. Thailand is known to have the cleanest beaches and lagoons in the world, ideal for water sporting, diving, and snorkeling. Also, the country boasts of pristine natural forests, lush jungles, and an unpolluted environment.

  • Amazing people

The last thing you expect when making a tourist visit is coming across unfriendly people. Although Thailand does not top the list of having the most tourist friendly people (Iceland does), it`s worth noting that Thailand, according to tripstodiscover, is among the top ten tourist friendly nations. Thailand is very welcoming, particularly, when you get to places like the temples, and large tourists center like Bangkok and Phuket.

  • Buddha’s

Although most of the Asian nations have numerous Buddha`s, Thailand has some of the world-renowned Buddha’s.   Some gigantic, while others are some.

  • Thailand is the Land of Smile

This might be cliché saying, but it still holds true even in the contemporary world.  Everyone in Thai is always smiling and ready to help you.