7 Budget Friendly Ways to Revamp Your Kid’s Study Area


As summer comes to a close, it is difficult for any kid to head back to school and the same old routines. However, school is important, and you have to find ways to encourage your kid to enthusiastically go back to his classroom and homework. More often than not, finding the perfect solution to your kid’s back-to-school problems can be financially straining. However, you have to be smart and cut costs effectively without compromising on perfection. Here are some pocket-friendly ways of revamping your kid’s study area that will peak his interest:

  1. Try Wall Art: Painting the walls in your kid’s room every time can end up being a rather big investment. Instead, you can try re-decorating the wall using new fixtures. Or, you could simply get brightly colored wallpaper or a beautiful wall decal. It will help liven up your kid’s room. The kind of wallpaper or decal you use will depend on how old your kid is. If he is a toddler and going to pre-school, images of wild animals or circus imagery should hold his interest. For older kids, remember to ask what kind of wall art they would like to put up, and have them help you. It will not only ensure that the time spent on revamp is much less, but also your kid will be spending more time in his room because he likes his handy work.
  2. Rearrange The Furniture: One of the easiest changes you can bring to any room décor is with the help of furniture. Once it starts to get to you, rearrange the room. Make sure to create more space to walk around. It will also make it easier to clean the room. Change the photo frames that are on the wall, and the lamp shades. You could ransack your attic and run through your old belongings to maybe find a vintage lampshade that fits the décor and lights up your kid’s desk.
  3. Make Your Own Rug: Rugs can be expensive, but that add dollops of panache to any room. What if you could make your rug at home? Surprised? Don’t be! All you need are your kid’s toy blocks, paint and a large sheet of canvas. You can have your kid help you with this project also. Paint the blocks with the fabric colors you have and get its impression on the canvas cloth. Leave it for a day to dry. You will have made your rug, and all of it without any trouble. The color of your rug, as well as the design, can vary suiting the theme you have in mind. However, it is best not to complicate the design too much lest it becomes a very difficult and time-consuming project.
  4. Get A Pin Board: Pinboards are extremely handy. Your kid can put up flyers, photos of his friends, family, musicians, or celebrities he likes and looks up to. The pin up board is his creative space and all within your budget. Your kid can create and re-create patterns and designs to keep his room interesting. Also, having the pin board over his desk will keep him close to his creations and encourage him to take on more challenges.
  5. Install A Chalkboard Wall: With a chalkboard wall, you can forget worrying about the crayon scribbling in the rest of the house. You can give your little one free reign to draw up anything he wants on that wall, and you will not have to convince him to clean it up. Kids like it better when parents give them the freedom to express themselves. You will also be egging your kid to be more creative and expressive.
  6. Personalize Your Kid’s Desk Space: Most kids find it difficult to stick to one place and finish their homework. You will notice that they take too may breaks. It is because the mundane desk is unappealing. However, you can change that. Just personalize your kid’s desk space. Place a calendar with all the important dates related to his school or soccer practice highlighted. Also, place framed photographs of his friends and him. You could also let him have stationary of his favorite superhero. Personalizing your kid’s desk space will give him an opportunity to express his personality, as well as keep him drawn to his homework. There are bound to be fewer distractions if your kid loves his desk.
  7. Make The Best Of A Garage Sale: For every new addition you make to your kid’s study area, you don’t need to run to the store to pick up new things. You could look up in your attic, and you are bound to find something nice. Or, make the most of garage sales. You are likely to find great treasures among things other people may discard. Also, garage sales are easier on your pocket.

The best way to revamp any room is to be smart about it. While fixing up your kid’s study area, don’t forget to take his opinions into consideration. He is, after all, going to be using that space and thus, has a say in the changes. Home projects are also fun, and an opportune moment to bond with your kids. At the end of the task, be certain that your kid will love you a little more for the efforts you’ve made to make him feel more comfortable in his room.



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