7 Common Workout Mistakes to Avoid


Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases and boost our health. However, making certain mistakes can prevent us from getting results. This is the main reason why most people ditch their workout plans and engage in unhealthy lifestyles. Here are some of the costly mistakes to avoid in order to achieve your fitness goals.    

  • Failing to warm up

Warming up prepares the body for hip raises exercise or any other workout routine. It will help to avoid fatigue, muscle cramps, and injuries. It can also offer emotional benefits like boosting your self-esteem. Most people engage in light exercises such as walking and squats to improve their heart rate.

  • Using equipment wrongly

Fitness centers have a wide variety of exercise equipment and machines. In case you don’t know how a particular machine is used, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Get to know the functions of each equipment before using them. This can go a long way to prevent injuries while exercising.

  • Not planning in advance

Designing a workout plan and sticking to it is the first step to having long-term success. Set aside time to create daily plans to reduce the stress of thinking about the next exercise routine. Adequate planning also involves developing the right mindset towards exercising. Integrating your workout regimen into your schedule will ensure that you exercise even when you are working.

  • Refusing to take breaks

Most beginners believe that they will quickly burn fat if they overtrain. It’s impossible to achieve overnight success no matter how you try. Exerting yourself too much will take its toll on your body sooner or later. Truth be told, this often leads to injury, muscle cramps and it can be difficult to recover. You may not even see desirable results if care isn’t taken. Nevertheless, avoid taking breaks for several days unless you are not fit to engage in your workout program.  

  • Using the same routine frequently

Following the same workout routine over and over again is boring. The muscles tend to get used to regular routines and rarely need to adjust and put in the extra effort. It’s better to switch routines once you don’t see noticeable results anymore. Never skip flexibility and strength training during your fitness journey. They can help you to improve muscle tone, elasticity, and strength as you advance in age.

  • Not following professional advice

A professional fitness trainer will offer suggestions on the right workout program and techniques to apply. S/he can also develop a plan that is perfect for your lifestyle and needs. Another option is to download fitness apps on your mobile devices to access valuable resources.  

  • Drinking insufficient water

We are often advised to drink water before and after each workout session. It’s imperative to take fluids as we exercise. This will ensure that we stay alert and lost fluids and electrolytes are replenished. Apart from that, it facilitates quick recovery of sore muscles.