7 Deep Cleaning Tricks And Ideas For The Entire House


We all have reached that point when we have to say enough is enough after looking at the condition of our homes. Doing a deep cleaning is one good solution and it’s easy than most people think. All you need is to have an order in doing the clean-up and in no time your house will be clean to pass any white-glove inspection. Read on as I share with you the 7 deep cleaning tricks and ideas for the entire house.


Start with the basics

Here you should remove anything that does not belong to the room. Keep them somewhere enclosed, try to avoid being overwhelmed by this exercise. Seeing new tidy areas give you the morale to go on and makes the deep cleaning easy. Tackle the hard to reach areas like ceilings, ceiling light fixtures, walls, and baseboards. Use a clean microfiber mob. For easy to reach areas, use warm water and dish soap to wipe clean the dust and dirt.

  • Clean the Windows – Try using different wiping directions on the inside and on the outside. With this, you can be able to identify the streaks easily.
  • Vacuum the window blinds or shades – Use the brush attachment and vacuum them. Save yourself the stress of taking them down. You can also simply fluff the curtains in the dryer for some few minutes instead of laundering them. Then hang them back up.
  • Thorough clean those floors – You have to move the furniture, even the larger ones like beds and sofas. You can place the mobile gliders under the large pieces to make your work easier. Then remove the crevice tool from your vacuum cleaner for dirt removal at the corners and along baseboards. If you have a hard floor, cleaning it using a microfiber broom and the prescribed cleaner will do the trick.

Clean the bedroom now

Wash the duvet, bed skirt, shams, and pillows. Dry the various synthetics outdoor. Next, freshen your mattresses. You can spray baking soda on the mattress, allow it to rest for an hour and then vacuum it using the hose connection. Turn mattress according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and repeat. It is also recommended to hiring great house cleaners if you feel that you need help from professionals to do proper deep cleaning.

Time to head to the kitchen

Start by polishing the cabinets. The exposed tops should be well wiped and covered by paper or newspaper so that next time, you only need to replace them. Easy hack. Then clean the front and back doors with a wood cleaner. If you have a painted or laminate surface, using warm water with a dishwashing spray will work well.

Next, clean the kitchen appliances. Wipe clean the fridge and clean it inside out. Do the same for other appliances like dishwasher and stove? You can also try to pull them out and get the surrounding wall. Tidy the countertops by emptying them and disposing of unnecessary kinds of stuff. Remove everything from the shelves in the pantry and clean them.

Focus on your bathroom

Start with the shower curtain. Make sure to check the cleaning instructions not to damage it. Make the shower doors shine. To remove water stains and soap scum, you can heat some white vinegar and clean it on the doors, then reapply it to keep it moist for 30 minutes. Then rub with sprinkled baking soda on a non-scratch pad. Finally, clean out the sink by removing every foreign material inside and wipe it down clean.

Time for the living room

Start by refreshing the furniture. Vacuum every surface of the cushions with the brush attachment. Next, wipe and clean the frames of the pictures or paintings that are available. Finally, Dust the electronics

Dispose of well

Removing dust and debris in your house should be well collected and placed in the bins. This will ensure that you maintain a clean house for long and keep the environment clean.