7 Elements of a Gender Neutral Nursery


Welcoming a new arrival means a chance to see the world in an entirely different light. Moms and dads look forward to their emerging guest. Part of preparing for a baby means preparing a very special room for that special someone. 

Parents can design a wonderful nursery for their baby. Modern designers are playing around with different and unexpected themes. If you want a gender neutral nursery with plenty of style, these ideas of yours to explore.

Beautiful Woods

Wood is one of the most important of all natural materials. This is an ideal item to center your nursery plan around from the very first. Lighter woods in shades like blond and deep mahogany can set the stage for anything else you want to bring in this room. 

Show off wood by sanding it and then staining it a neutral color such as beige or white. This will bring out the natural grain in the material and delight the eyes. You’ll have a room ready to bring in baby with soft and lovely understated shades.

Black and White

Black and white is a classic combination much loved by those in search of a truly clean look. Bring black and white to your own nursery setting. A rug in a black and white pattern is easy to find. Look for items that have that vivid contrast so appealing. 

Babies respond well to such stark colors when they are young. A large series of items in this black and white helps babies focus their attention on certain objects in the room more closely. In doing so, they can learn important lessons about the world in front of them.

Elegant Silver

Silver and gold symbolize elegance. They also provide and eye catching way to create a nursery full of punch and personality. If you have always loved silver, you can bring it home. Silver paint can be set across the top of one room to help draw the baby’s eyes upwards and towards the light. Silver accessories are easy to scatter across any room. 

A series of picture frames can be posted along the crib showing off mommy’s tummy as baby grew and what baby looked like before and after arrival. This is a great way to personalize the room in a sophisticated and upscale way.

Great Graphics

Graphics are a wonderful way to bring in that needed and unexpected touch to any nursery decor plan. Think about how you can take graphics and bring them to life. A series of posters across one area of the room with the child’s name in different fonts allows the room to grow with the child. 

Mix up different eras and time frames for something’s unusual and totally your own. You want items that are all about a point of view that’s strong and has lots of visual impact. Careful thought to colors like red, navy blue and yellow are ideal.

Patterned Power

Patterns are all over the world of design. Take them to the baby with patterns they’ll appreciate. Gender neutral patterns are easy to find. Step away from the flowers and the cowboys. Think about the kind of patterns you’ll find in many contemporary wallpapers. 

For example, a series of repeating cubes in green and white adds a lot of movement to any room. This kind of lively feel is one that babies and their caregivers find instinctively inviting. Bring in patterns of different sizes and styles for a look that has a lot of energy and vibrant flow.

Sandy Fun

The beach is a place of tremendous joy for so many people. Take a cue from beachy style and use in your baby’s room. Colors like navy, turquoise, sandy brown and dark teal are all about recalling the shore and celebrating it. 

Spread a large rug on the floor with pictures of boats on the waters. Bring in linens and other details in shades that speak directly of summer. Add in lemon yellow curtains on the wall to go with a crib in a sweet wood. You’re going to send your new little one dreaming of days along the sand.

Wall Mural

Murals are an easy way to set any nursery apart. Think about murals that can fill part or all of the space with a single stroke. Consider subjects that are usually thought of gender neutral. For example, a large mural of a spreading tree with different leaves in varied lovely colors can spread across part or even all of the room and invite an all natural feel. Put animals that love trees such as birds and monkeys for a look that is playful and cute while still having a touch of the grownup at the same time.