7 Essential Tips for Hiring Catering Services


Regardless of the type of your event, hiring a good and reliable party catering services is essential.
To help you find a truly good company to work with, we prepared several useful tips that will help you single out great companies out of the pool of scammers.

#1 – Narrow the Field

First of all, you need to understand what kind of caterer you are looking for. Some caterers offer party catering which includes pretty much any type of event, others deal only with weddings or business meeting, for instance. So decide yourself what you need and look in a narrower field.

#2 – Visit the Premises

This is a very important point. Before you choose any catering services make sure to check their kitchen and other premises. You need to make sure that the caterer works in clean and safe environment creating the same healthy food for your event. Cleanliness is the sign of professionalism for caterers.

#3 – Menu Options

Then discuss our preferences with the catering services and try to come up with a more or less precise plan about the courses you want to be served. Remember to discuss beverages and also plates and silverware if needed.

#4 – Staff Availability

Before signing any contracts, verify the staff which will be working at tour event. You need to make sure that the company you are hiring has enough workers to serve at your party. For a buffet you will need a server for every 30 guests; at a sit down dinner one server for a table of eight. Keep in mind that you will also need to separately hire bar staff to take care of all drinks.

#5 – Customer Input

The level of your participation in the event depends totally on you. Some catering services offer full coverage, where you only say your preferences and the team does everything for you. Some companies, on the other hand, require your full participation at every stage.

#6 – Menu Tastings

Menu tasting is one of the most pleasant parts in the process of choosing a party catering service. You must always have a chance to taste every dish that will be served at your party. Before finalizing the menu after the tasting consult the chef about any tips, in case you are not sure about the order or compatibility of some dishes and beverages, for example.

#7 – Cost of Service

Unfortunately, budget will also has great influence on the service you will hire. Try to be clear about your possibilities and double check the quotes received before signing the final contract.
Final Thoughts
If you want the process of choosing reliable catering services to be easy and pleasant, make sure to clarify for yourself the needs and requirements for your party. Keep in mind the above written tips and remember to follow your instincts. Never be afraid to fire your catering team if you are not satisfied with something, but it is better to do so before the evening begins.