7 Extreme Hobbies to Try This Summer


As adulthood meanders on, people sometimes forget what it means to have fun, and live life to the fullest. This summer, don’t waste time doing all the boring stuff you did last year. Let summer thrill you, as it did in your childhood, by trying something new. It’s time to ditch the beach, and indulge in something far more extreme.

The following summer activities are extreme, and extremely fun.

Hang Gliding

Have you ever dreamt of being a bird and soaring through the sky? Hang gliding is about as close as you’ll get to this experience. Gliders seek out the wind to keep themselves suspended in the sky for hours. It takes a teacher, and a fair amount of practice, but this is one hobby you won’t regret starting because it puts you among the clouds to witness the world as you never have before.

Local tandem hang gliding centers are sprinkled all over the country, so contact one today to get started on this remarkable hobby.


If the idea of hang gliding tickles your fancy, but you’d prefer the comfort of a cockpit, then flying lessons are right up your alley. (You can find aviation schools near most major airports.)

Aviation is one of the most rewarding hobbies, as it allows you to fulfill a childhood fantasy, as well as learn something that can save you money on future vacations (you don’t have to spend a ton on airline tickets when you can just fly yourself). This summer, you can tackle a hobby that will have you enjoying the open sky for a lifetime, making aviation well-worth the money spent on flying lessons.

Keep in mind, flying requires a lot equipment and dedication to learning if it’s to be safely enjoyed. Pilotmall.com can get you started with aviation supplies; racking up the hours and training is on you.

Cave Diving  

If you’re certified to dive, you ought to try cave diving. There are all sorts of beautiful caves hidden throughout the ocean, and diving into them puts you among the coral, the rays of sunshine breaking in through the ocean, and a dizzying array of tropical fish. North Central Florida is the best place for novice cave divers to practice this hobby, but more experienced divers can find caves on any coast.

Powerboat Racing

Powerboat Racing is a bit costly, and you have to reside in an area that permits it, but if you can meet the requirements, the fun you have more than compensates for the money spent. Powerboat racing is incredibly exciting, and takes place in coastal cities wherever there is open boating.

Key West is an especially good place to find boat racing competitions.


Beekeeping is more exciting than it sounds. You’ll be wearing a suit, so there’s no real threat of being stung, but you’ll still want to be careful; careful when removing your suit, putting it on, and handling the bee trays. You’ll need to learn all the ins and outs of this remarkable hobby, but once accustomed to its duties, you’ll be a beekeeping pro, and ready to collect honey – all while making the world a better place because bees are in decline, and the world needs more beekeepers to introduce more bees into the environment.

There are many beekeeping communities online, where you can speak to seasoned keepers and get information on starting this hobby.

Build Sandcastles

Okay, so any five year old with a bucket and a shovel can build sand castles, but this isn’t the summer for traditional sandcastles. This summer, take your sandcastles to a whole new level by building expert sandcastles – the kind that go viral on the Internet. There’s all sorts of tutorials for sandcastle building on YouTube, so use your free time to learn the tools and the steps required for mind blowing sand castle construction.

Do What You’ve Always Wanted

This summer, make the season about taking risks and following your bliss. Do something you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t. It’s time to take the reins on your life, and start living it to its fullest. As the days get longer, so should your list of hobbies.

This summer, don’t waste time doing what you did last year. Instead, it’s time to take on a new hobby, try something outrageous, and live life to the fullest. The following are extreme, and extremely fun, activities to try this summer. It’s time to ditch the beach, and indulge in something more thrilling.