7 Fabulously Fun Things To Do In Mexico


Vacation time is here. Have you considered adding Mexico to the list? Crossing the border offers more than a few tacos and margaritas. This country, located below the United States, boasts ample activities to keep people entertained for days. If it’s not already on your radar, consider adding it. The following are several fun, engaging activities sure to make lasting memories.

1. Visit Historical Ruins

You can venture into older times near Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula, checking out the Mayan ruins. This excursion is popular with many cruises to Mexico, assisting passengers with seeing the country’s history.

Travel where ancients walked. See the architecture and experience the physical elements as they did. Guides are likely to explain the Mayans ‘ daily life, how they built their stone structures and their significance to Mexico and other countries.

2. Swim With the Sharks

Jaws may have frightened a few away from this one, but don’t let the daunting tale keep you from experiencing a fantastic event. People can arrange to get into the water with the whale sharks in the Baja Peninsula and the Cancun region.

Be aware that these lengthy creatures are fish. They are one of the longest fish you may find. Listen to instructors and feel good about that time in the calm waters.

3. Check Out a Cenote

When you think of a sinkhole, you probably envision a massive dirt hole that you want no part of. However, in Mexico, these holes can be wondrous beauties known as Cenotes. If you’re in the Yucatan Peninsula area, stop and explore. 

They may be very different from one another. Some of these large collapses have turned into cliffs, some waterfalls and others are caves. Tourists can arrange to snorkel in some, jump off the waterfall tops or even go inside and look at the stalagmites. 

4. Surround Yourself With Butterflies

What could make you smile endlessly? How about a massive group of butterflies circling you. These delightful insects often migrate from the states to Mexico in large numbers. Within the Sierra Madre Mountains, millions of them find their home. A refuge has been opened to assist in protecting them. There you can walk among them in the wild.

5. Explore an UnderWater Museum

Have you ever visited a museum that only existed underneath the mainland? It’s time to go low and check out some of the artistic wonders of the country that can only be seen beneath the shore. The Cancun Underwater Museum is reached by putting on snorkel gear or scuba equipment. You could check it out from a distance and stay dry with a glass-bottom boat excursion.

Visitors may see up to 500 sculptures that sit on the sand. This idea came about when Jaime Gonzalez Canto and Jason deCaires Taylor decided they wanted to preserve the coral reefs in the region. They placed these art pieces there to allow divers to explore the waters and also help the environment.

6. Relax in the Sand

Yes, a little rest on the white sandy shore is fun. The country’s coastline is loved by many. Set up shop for the day with a chair. Kids can play in the waters. Rent some water activities like windsurfing or a boat. Just be sure you are clear with directions.

Grab that classic margarita drink, a book and the chair and embrace the salt air.

7. Play a Round of Golf

Did you know that Mexico has over 200 golf courses? Schedule a time to tee off and complete 18 holes. Whether you are a veteran player or new to the game, you can enjoy some fresh air and a bit of peace for the afternoon while seeing some beautiful greens.

A trip to Mexico isn’t dull. The country has numerous activities to keep everyone on your trip happy and loving every moment. Add it to your list, and you can enjoy everything from art history and the beach.