From Me, To Me – 7 Fantastic Ways to Spoil Yourself This Holiday Season


The holidays are a perfect time to show the people you love how much you appreciate them, so why shouldn’t you be included in that? With the amount that there is to focus on and stress over as the new year starts to encroach, we often forget about the little things when it comes to treating ourselves right. So, to help you show yourself how much you care, here are a few ways to spoil yourself this season!

Beauty products

With everything on sale and stores having specials it is the perfect time to buy some new beauty products. Whether that involves makeup or some new spa products, getting pampered from the comfort of your own home is an excellent opportunity to destress and unwind after a long day of socialising or working. It may not seem like a big thing, but the moment you find yourself relaxing in a blend of essential oils and incense, you’ll certainly be thanking yourself.

New mattress

We tend to hold on and use mattresses way past their used by dates but this causes us to sleep badly, so why not treat yourself and your sleep by getting a new mattress? Getting better sleep will help all aspect of your health, both mental and physical. Nowadays, mattress shopping is far less time consuming and less hassle since you can buy a range of beautifully comfortable mattresses online.  

New clothes

What better way to treat yourself then buy yourself that jacket you’ve been looking at for months? New clothes will brighten your mood and wardrobe, whilst also making you feel refreshed and ready for all the holiday get togethers you’re obligated to attend.  


You should treat yourself to a beauty spa, and with all the deals and specials available around the festive season, it’s perfect timing. Better yet, you have the option of going alone or splitting the experience with one of your besties. It’s your experience, so you can decide how social you want to be. Afterwards, you will feel relaxed and ready to take on the world.

Get your nails done

Giving your nails the treatment they deserve is a perfect way to add a little pampering into your schedule. Whether it is at home or in a salon, having your nails done makes you feel that a little more put together. Why not bring a friend along with you and get your nails done together? If it’s at home, you can even chuck on some movies and paint each others nails.

Have a girls night in

Get your friends, your favourite chick flicks, some face masks and wine and just relax with your girls. Having a girls night not only brings you all together for a fun time, it also lets you declutter your mind and catch up with friends before dealing with the stress and drama of the new year.

Take a day off

Going out or seeing mates is fun and all, but sometimes the best way to spoil yourself is by taking a day off. No seeing anyone, no working, just relaxing by yourself. It’s a great time to catch up on tv shows and movies, or read that book you’ve been meaning to finish. By the end of it you’ll feel more at ease and ready to take on anything.

Remember to give yourself some care and affection this holiday season. It will destress you and make you feel ready for all that the holidays can bring.