7 Features You Need in Your Outdoor Kitchen


Adding an outdoor kitchen to your home or seeking out a home that already has an outdoor kitchen can both be useful decisions. Outdoor kitchens provide a range of opportunities for entertaining friends or other social settings and have become increasingly popular.

Not only can you use them for your own personal enjoyment, but outdoor kitchens can prove to be a big attraction for future buyers if you ever decide to sell your home. But to truly make the perfect outdoor kitchen, you also need the right features. There are a wide range of retailers available both locally and online, such as Barbecue Bazaar, which offer outdoor kitchen items. Read on to learn more about features to add to your outdoor kitchen.

  • Grill

Having the right grill for your outdoor kitchen is one of the most important features to keep in mind. Cooking on a grill is a method of cooking that is completely unique to an outdoor setting. Whether it’s hotdogs, hamburgers, fresh vegetables, or something else delicious, make sure you look to find the type of grill that will suit your needs. You may want to get a gas grill or a charcoal grill, or a combination of the two: many people go with two-sided grills.

  • Ice maker

When you’re hosting a big outdoor party, have you ever found yourself running back and forth between the house and the party for ice? Or making trips to the local store for bags of it? By the end of the night, you’re exhausted. Incorporating an ice maker into your outdoor kitchen can save you time and effort that you can spend socializing or on other tasks. Having an ice maker as part of your outdoor kitchen ensures you and your guests’ drinks stay cool and satisfied.

  • Bar

A bar can be a versatile part of any outdoor kitchen. You can impress your guests as you make and serve fresh, fun cocktails at the bar. You can include a well for liquor bottles, instead of having them cluttering up valuable counter or table space. The addition of a bar can be an attractive feature for those that like to throw parties. Many people even love to add a bottle opener and bottle cap catcher to their bar.



  • Warming Drawer


When cooking outside, it can be annoying to have to worry about the elements. When left out, food can go cold a lot faster than you want it to. To prevent cooked food from losing the fresh warmth that makes it so delicious, you might consider installing a warming drawer. Small and conspicuous, and blending in well with the rest of your outdoor kitchen, a warming drawer keeps your food warm, so the party doesn’t have to stop.


  • Storage


It’s important to include adequate storage for your outdoor kitchen. For example, building cabinets is one good strategy for storage. Cabinets are great for storing things like kitchen equipment. It is also a good idea to add some drawers to your outdoor kitchen. These are useful for holding knives and other common utensils. Having storage for a variety of tableware and kitchen equipment can save you from making trips back inside.


  • Refrigerator


Any kitchen would be incomplete without a dependable refrigerator as a strong foundation, and an outdoor kitchen is no exception. Many people complain that a refrigerator takes up a too much space. But chances are, you might regret not having a refrigerator if you forgo it for some extra space. A refrigerator can keep food cool while you cook a meal, or store ingredients for preparation.


  • Specialty Drink Dispensers


There are many options that you can turn to if you wish to place emphasis on drinks. For example, for those operating under a tighter budget, opting for a built-in bin for cold beverages instead of a refrigerator is one possible idea. When it comes to beer enthusiasts, some people purchase a kegerator, or beer dispenser. Another beneficial appliance is a canned drink fridge or a wine fridge.