7 Fun and Interesting Costume Ideas for this Halloween


Halloween isn’t just white sheet ghosts and pumpkins anymore. It’s all about staying current and going all-out with the latest trends in media. If you’re looking to stand out or please your trick-or-treaters this year, check out these seven fun costume ideas.

“Shark Week”

Discovery Channel’s Shark Week airs just months before Halloween, so any costume related to the annual seven days of shark tales is sure to make a splash.

For a particularly fun take on Shark Week, your baby can take on the role of “gruesome” ocean dweller while you play the shark-bait. Either dress as a surfer with bitten board shorts, a diver with snorkel and goggles, or a fishy snack.

Frozen Characters

Disney’s smash box office hit, “Frozen,” earned children’s and parents’ affection alike. If your little one(s) loves to belt “Let It Go,” dress them as Anna or Elsa. Braided hair and a wand and tiara will complete the snow-loving princesses’ outfits.

For a boy, have Olaf the Snowman join. Buy white sweatpants and a sweatshirt, brown gloves, and black felt to make his coal buttons.

For the face, use white baseball cap. Attach three brown pipe cleaners for the hair, and cut black, grey, and white felt into 3D eyes. Orange felt shaped into a cone makes the nose. Finally, with the extra white felt, make a tab for the teeth to adhere underneath the bill.

Miley Cyrus

Ladies, try “just being Miley” this Halloween. Of course, that could mean many looks just from this year alone via the pop star’s trend worthy new style.

In general, to channel Miley, do your hair in two buns, apply red lipstick and eyeliner, wear a nude leotard or crop top with matching shorts and white sneakers, and carry a few teddy bears for good measure.

With all the manifestations of Miley, you could get a group of your friends together clad in variations of her ostentatious attire as a regular Miley-evolution. Just don’t forget Hannah Montana!

Gatsby’s Guests

Bring the glitz and glamour of the 1920s to your Halloween entourage. For a group costume idea, play guests on Gatsby’s party list.

Check out these cool ideas from Mr. Costumes when brainstorming Jazz Age attire for a group. For women, a flapper or beaded drop-waist dress sells the era, while men look appropriately extravagant in speak-easy approved tuxedos or wide-legged suits.

Style women’s hair in a mock-bob or finger waves, then accessorize with long pearl strands, fishnets, a feather boa, and a crystal or feather headband.

Men should wear Oxford shoes and a top hat or bowler. Alternatively, play the gangster with a fake gun and pin-striped attire.

Breaking Bad

The ultimate couple’s costume: Walter White (Heisenberg) and his blue-variety product.

Walter goes bald with glasses and a heavy mustache and goatee. Choose either a yellow hazmat suit or a black jacket, khakis, and black hat.

Girls should wear a blue-sequined top and blue bottoms to become the personified drug of choice.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Whether you’re a fan of the book or not, this PG literal spoof will still excite fans for the upcoming film adaptation.

Simply go to any home improvement store and pick out as many grey paint chips as possible. Then pin or hot glue them to a grey dress or suit.

The Hocus Pocus Witches

Few Halloween movies are more beloved than the 90s classic Hocus Pocus. Portray the wicked sisters for an easily identifiable and fun tribute costume.

For Winnie, a red wig, dark lips, buck teeth, and green dress with a black cape sell the eldest. Carry a corn broom for accuracy.

Sarah, the blonde ditz, requires a low-cut burgundy corset, purple skirt, blonde wig, and a mop broom.

Mary, the bossed-about clutz, wears a red peasant-style blouse and skirt and rides a vacuum (go for a plastic or cardboard prop here).

Double points for carrying a weathered, one-eyed spell book.

With these seven ideas, you’ll have any costume party in the bag. Get creative and make your version “spooktacular.”