7 Major Health Benefits Of Protein Powder


Because of the nutritional benefits, protein powder has become one of the most sought-after products. Today, research has shown that some protein powders, for example, whey protein, have numerous health benefits for the user. There are other protein supplements in the market, but whey protein is many people’s favorite because of the wide variety of amino acids that it contains. These amino acids are absorbed easily into the bloodstream, ensuring that you start benefiting from them soon after. In fact, whey protein contains 9 amino acids, thus it is considered a complete protein.

Here are 7 major health benefits of protein powder

Protein Powder Enhances Muscle Building

As you grow older, one of the most noticeable results is that you lose muscle mass. Thankfully, some types of protein powder enhance the growth of muscles. One disadvantage of losing muscle is that the body starts storing excess fat. Fat gain has many serious side effects like heart diseases and weight gain.

You can exercise to lose the fat, but you will also need to build muscles. A protein powder containing the leucine amino acid is very good for building muscle. When you combine exercise and protein powder supplements, you will retain muscle mass.

Protein Powder Can Be Used To Counter Diabetes Type 2

When you have a malfunction of insulin, the result is a chronic condition called type 2 diabetes. The main effect is high glucose levels in your blood. Too much blood sugar is unhealthy, and it is the work on the insulin hormone to control how much sugar goes into the cells. It should not be too much or too little. It should be just enough.

If a person with diabetes type 2 takes a serving of protein powder such as whey protein before sitting down to a meal with carbohydrates, the effects of the excess sugar (from the carbs) will not be too much. In some cases, the effects of taking protein powder have been equated to those of taking some type 2 diabetes drugs.

Protein Powder Is A Good Source Of Quality Protein

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for your body. As we mentioned in the introductory paragraph, a protein powder such as whey protein is rich in the nine amino acids and that makes it a complete protein. This means that even without any other protein sources for you, when you take the supplement, you can be sure you will have met the daily nutritional requirement. Protein powders are also digested easily and they are absorbed into the bloodstream faster.

Protein Powder Can Lower Inflammation

When you have inflammation, it shows that your body is reacting to an attack. The main indicator of inflammation is the C-reactive protein. When you take protein powder, it will lower the level of the C-reactive protein, and as a result counter the inflammation.

If it is not corrected, inflammation can cause other serious ailments. However, it has not been established just how fast protein powder can work to lower inflammation. What has been established is that taking a good dose of protein powder lowers the level of the C-reactive protein in the blood.

Protein Powder Can Help In Weight Loss

Take a dose of protein powder before eating if you want to lose weight, or when watching your weight. Protein induces a feeling of satisfaction, thus when you take it before meals, you will not eat as much as you would have.

Apart from helping you control how much you eat at the dinner table, whey protein boosts the rate of metabolism, leading to faster breakdown of fat. It also helps your body to retain the muscle mass while burning fat.

Protein Powder Makes You Feel Fuller For Longer

Of the nutritional components that we must eat every day – fats, carbs and proteins, the latter has the most sating effect. However, note that the satiety effect has been deduced with whey protein, so other protein powders may or may not have the same effect.

Enhances The Antioxidant Power Of The Body

Oxidation is the main cause of the free radicals, which cause cell damage if not flushed out of your system. However, it has been established that protein powder, especially whey protein will enhance the production of glutathione, which is the main defense against oxidation in the body. Unlike most other antioxidants, glutathione is produced in the body. Cysteine and other amino acids increase the production of glutathione. Cysteine is found in all protein powders.


The best protein powder to buy on the market can offer you so many health benefits to keep you healthy and active. You just need to know how to use protein powder to have the benefits. Now, you know the major benefits and you should consider including protein powder in your daily diet.