7 Most Common Injuries in Adults


No one likes to get hurt, but sooner or later everyone gets hurt in some way. When we are lucky, the injury is minor and we go about our business with a small cut or bruise and vow to be more careful next time. But sometimes the injury is serious and requires a visit to the hospital for healing treatment. This is when a person needs health insurance or car insurance to pay the medical bills. Insurance companies don’t always pay for the medical treatments the way they should and that is when a person needs a law firm to represent them and get a realistic settlement.

Getting Help in Northern California

People who get injured in northern California have a law firm standing ready to help them. Reiner, Slaughter, Mainzer Frankel is a law firm dedicated to helping people who have been injured and need help getting personal injury lawsuits successfully through the courts. This law firm focuses on making the community they live and work in a safer place and helping people injured because of someone’s negligence or oversight. It is not enough to help one injured person, the unsafe conditions causing the injury must be removed.

What Are the Most Common Injuries in Adults?

There are 7 types of injuries that are most common in adults. These injuries can happen because of car accidents, sports mishaps, slip and falls, employer negligence, unsafe conditions in public spaces, property owner negligence, or other causes. No matter what causes the accident, the injury must be dealt with and someone needs to pay the considerable medical bills.

Some injuries leave a person handicapped for life. These include brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and loss of limbs, and other injuries that can not be entirely healed. The 7 most common injuries in adults include:

1. Tennis elbow and other injuries of tendons and joints due to overuse or stress. It can be caused by an accident or by anything a person does over and over. Tendonitis in other parts of the body can also result from many causes.

2.  Injuries such as rotator cuff tears, bicep tendon injuries, ACL tears, and meniscus tears, and lower back injuries can happen in many types of accidents. They include shoulder and knee injuries as well as back injuries that can be painful and debilitating if not treated by medical professionals. The knee is one joint that can suffer a meniscus tear. Dislocated hips are also a problem caused by sports mishaps, car accidents, or slip and fall events.

3. Bone fractures and stress fractures can be caused by accidents, by overuse, and by exercise or sports mishaps. One common broken bone is a hip fracture. Hip fractures are often caused by falls. Wrist fractures and rib fractures are also among the most common injuries for adults. Pelvis fractures are also serious injuries seen all too often in older adults. Clavicle or collarbone fractures make up 5% of all adult injuries.

4. Brain injuries include hematoma (blood pooling on the brain’s surface), an intracranial hemorrhage or ruptured blood vessel in the brain, traumatic brain injuries caused by the brain being hit severely, concussions, skull fractures, and cerebral contusions. Any brain injury is serious and needs immediate medical attention.

5. Back injuries can be life-altering and very serious. They include broken backs, cervical disc injuries, severed spinal cords, torn ligaments, and other injuries to the back.

6. Burns including severe sunburn. Burns happen in car accidents, building fires, forest fires, cooking accidents, work injuries, and other accidents including fire. Chemical burns are also serious and are more likely to happen in industrial settings.

7. Kidney and other organ injuries can be serious and need medical treatment. Lungs can be damaged by chemical or smoke inhalation. Other organs can be damaged in car accidents, falling accidents, and other accidents.

Whenever a person is injured due to the negligence or fault of an individual, property owner, driver, or unsafe property or workplace, it is important to seek legal help to deal with the guilty parties, their insurance companies, and lawyers.