7 Online Places to Find an Emergency Plumber Fast


Plumbing is not a skill that everyone has, which makes the ability to choose a qualified plumber an important task when necessary. When you are standing ankle deep in water, you do not want to waste time searching for the “closest plumber near me” only to find he or she does not live up to your expectations. Instead of taking your chances with an online map, you will get better results from online directories that let customers rate their user experiences. Here are seven online places to find a reliable emergency plumber.

1. Emergency Plumber Finder

Emergency Plumber Finder is an online company that networks with plumbers all across the United States. The company has a customer-first business model that builds its plumbing services on the premise of connecting clients with plumbers who provide free estimates as well as a definitive cost before you agree to the work, This means that you will not get hit with hidden costs like some other online plumbing companies may charge.

2. Angie’s List

Angie’s List is a website that allows plumbers to advertise their services and let clients add feedback about their experiences. It also leaves it up to clients to verify proper licensing, estimate charges, response times or specialty services, which means the client has to do a bit of research to get connected to the right plumber. Angie’s List notes that plumbers on its site charge between $45 and $150.

3. Pro Referral

Pro Referral is a subsidiary company of Home Depot and is available online and via iOS and Android apps. The site enables clients to get quotes on a smartphone after you post a video about the plumbing job for which you need services. After submission, you get a list of plumbers in your area who match the criteria, which allows you to choose the one you want and make an appointment.

4. Homeyou

Want to find a plumber in your ZIP code? Potential clients can visit Homeyou’s website and look through its directory for local contractor plumbers. Homeyou’s business model is to support small local plumbers with technology-based access.

5. ImproveNet

ImproveNet is another app-friendly site that allows clients to upload images of the plumbing job to ImproveNet and receive quotes from certified plumbing professionals. The app enables the client and plumber to communicate on pricing.

6. Yelp

When you are looking for quality local plumbers, Yelp is a useful site. When you visit Yelp, you receive recommendations about local plumbers based on a search result. You also receive honest feedback from real customers on their experiences.

7. HomeAdvisor

When you visit HomeAdvisor, the site connects clients with local plumbers based on the job description a client provides. The site also allows users to post reviews on local plumbers and services that help users in the hiring process.

By using a website to find local contractors, you have an opportunity to review a number of recommendations based on your budget and job need to find the best plumber for the job.