7 Real Estate Software That Make It Easy To Sell Your Home


Selling a home is not easy, especially in a highly competitive market. It usually requires several steps such as finding a real estate agent, advertising, negotiating, and successfully closing a deal when the time comes. 

If you really want to sell your house fast, you can consider looking for reliable local buying agencies like Four 19 Properties that directly buy houses in cash. This is perfect, especially if you need to dispose of your property quickly, and you don’t have time to deal with additional repairs, maintenance, and dealing with real estate agents.

But if you’re not in a hurry, and you prefer to sell your house the semi-traditional way, you can utilize real estate software that makes the whole process less daunting for you. Real estate software provides much-needed online visibility and marketing for your property. 

So, if you’re experiencing difficulties in getting qualified leads to help you sell your house, here are eight real estate software that make it easy to sell your home:

  1. Zillow 

The power of Zillow lies in its database. With it, you can get access to over 160 million potential buyers. The listing process is quick and free, and you can upload an unlimited number of photos and videos of your property. 

However, there are also downsides when you use this app, such as:

  • Most buyers are represented by an agent who will require commissions.
  • Zillow has no exposure to local agents. The app is not synced with local listing services, which means your property won’t be exposed to local agents. 
  • You need to pay fees to access premium features. 
  1. Houzeo.com 

Houzeo is claimed to be the most advanced platform that connects potential buyers and sellers of real property. It’s also a search engine with brokerage services that provides Multiple Listing Services (MLS) to clients. 

There are different packages and pricing plans you can choose if you prefer to list your property in multiple listing sites and services. The process consists of the following steps: 

  • Listing And Marketing Your Property

Houzeo efficiently lists your home on various platforms, expanding your reach and finding more potential buyers in the process.

  • Price Setting

After listing, Houzeo sets prices with your suggestions.  

  • Open House Services

Houzeo agents can also take care of open house services. It means you don’t have to worry about giving potential buyers a tour around your home. Instead, an agent will take care of the whole process and give you updates.  

  • Evaluate Offers Personally

Houzeo will only connect you to potential buyers, but the ultimate decision is still on you. You’ll personally evaluate the offer you get from the buyers and, together with the agent, agree on the best rates and negotiate if needed.  

Real estate sign in front of a house for sale in a nice suburban neighborhood. Digital 3D render.
  • Closing 

After you’ve decided on the rates, the next step is to close the deal and do the paperwork. You may need to hire an attorney at this point.

  1. Realtor.com 

Realtor.com enables you to sell with the guidance of a professional real estate agent who can help you calculate the fair value of your property. A unique algorithm makes sure you’re matched with an agent that is right for your location, preferences, and needs.

Aside from that, this platform offers the following tools and services:

  • Tracks Your Valuation and Equity 
  • Follow Real Estate Trends 
  • Discover Financing Options 
  • Browse Remodeling Tips & Inspiration 
  1. Redfin 

On Redfin, you can sell your house with a listing fee of as low as 1%. With its entry package, you get premium placement on Redfin.com, support from a local agent, professional photography, 3D walkthroughs, open house services, and a yard sign. Aside from those, here are the other services you can get from Redfin.

  • Custom Home Improvement Plan
  • Certified Service Providers
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Professional Staging
  • Decluttering
  • Cost Coverage For Project Management
  1. Century 21 Real Estate 

Century 21 Real Estate provides a more traditional, comprehensive, and full-service approach to help you sell your house. Agents will walk you through all 20 steps that a typical home sale involves. After the initial contract is accepted, you can benefit from a quick-and-easy close. 

Further, Century 21 professionals help you create a marketing plan to attract more buyers. It also offers a home protection plan, a one-year service agreement covering the replacement or repair of home systems and appliances. This one-year service agreement helps you to:  

  • Set your listing apart. 
  • Mitigate unanticipated issues related to house maintenance and upkeep.
  • Increase buyer confidence. 
  • Worry less about costly repairs.
  1. FSBO 

FSBO.com enables syndication with Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, Redfin, and other real estate platforms that, when put together, can reach over 160 million users. The advantages of using FSBO are: 

  • FSBO listings are presented on local MLS.
  • You can set the commission rate for the buyer’s agent. 

However, there are also several downsides to this platform:

  • Listing a property on FSBO.com is a manual and offline process. You are not able to list your property immediately. Instead, you have to wait for a listing agent to contact you for the needed MLS forms.  
  • You have limited control of the process. You can make listing changes only by coordinating with a listing agent, where you may be charged additional fees. This makes the platform very inconvenient.  
  1. Others  

There are many other online software and platforms you can use to sell your house apart from the ones mentioned above. You can also list your house for sale and increase the chances of selling your home on: 

  • Trulia 
  • Forsalebyowner.com 
  • RE/MAX 
  • Coldwell Banker Realtors 
  • Homes.com 
  • PropertyRecord.com 
  • Fizber.com 
  • Movato 

Final Word

Real estate software has made it possible for owners to utilize the power of the internet and technology to advertise and sell homes to millions of potential buyers. With real estate software, home sellers can opt to control the whole process and avoid paying agent’s commissions. 

However, it must be noted that each platform or listing service comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. So, it’s best to assess your needs first to be able to determine which real estate software is suitable for you.

Still, many home sellers will find traditional local buying agencies and personalized services to suit their needs better. Having a professional real estate agent can help appraise the true value of your home, and come up with a marketing plan that can connect you to potential buyers with good credit and background.