7 Real Estate Video Production Tips


Video marketing is an integral part of any search for real estate customers. Today, videos have become a “must have” for customer attraction. A beautiful video can make a difference between a quick deal and a long sales process.

You don’t have to be a professional cameraman to shoot a high-quality video. Experts from Dubai corporate video production company Astudio shared a few tips to help you make a real masterpiece.

1. Use The Best Equipment Possible

Your iPhone camera may be stellar but the higher quality video equipment you can take advantage of, the better. You don’t have to buy a DSLR camera for your real estate video. It’s sufficient to borrow or rent good equipment for the day.

When you are choosing a camera, take one that shoots 1080p videos. Borrow a tripod along with the camera in order to make stable shots.

2. Start With The Exterior Video

You can use the real estate video to take advantage of your house’s curb appeal. Start by shooting the outdoor panorama video. Take in the whole house and then close in to the left and right sides. Zoom in on the most appealing features of your front and backyard. Make sure to avoid anything that doesn’t look stellar on the video.

Finish the outdoor shooting by closing in on the front door. Make sure the front door shines and looks as appealing as possible.

3. Clean Up Your Home

Before shooting the interior part of your house, make sure it’s squeaky clean and tidy. The more clutter you have inside, the worse your video will be. Try to get rid of all unnecessary stuff lying around your shelves and tables.


Make sure all the closet doors are closed and toilet seats are down. All the pictures of homeowners and the family should be taken off the walls, fireplaces, and shelves.  

4. Shoot From The Hip

When shooting videos inside the house, consider carrying the camera about one meter above the floor. This can help you get a better view of the room. Align your camera with the walls, closets, and cupboards to get straight shots.

5. Don’t Overdo It

No one will watch a long video. So keeping it short is the key to success. You only need to take two to three shots of each room for the customer to get an idea of how it looks. If you make a bad shot, make sure to delete it immediately. Otherwise your editing work will be too time-consuming.


Don’t make too many shots of the bathroom unless it’s somehow distinguished. Focus on bedrooms and the living room. Zoom in when you want to show something special which makes your home stand out.

6. Consider A Drone

Drones create a wonderful bird’s eye view of the house and the neighborhood, allowing you to make an appealing video. The properties usually look great from up high. Meanwhile, the subtle movement of the drone promotes a smooth shot.


The downside of using a drone in the USA is obtaining a remote pilot’s permit, which costs about $150 and requires passing a test. However, you can find a certified pilot with a drone to do the job for you.

7. Edit Videos Online

If you are not a professional, editing a video can be time-consuming. Thankfully, there are many online tools, such as Videolicious and Lightworks to help you do it. The programs are very easy to use. They allow you to add music, titles, text, and more to the videos, thus improving the quality and reducing editing time.