7 Reasons Cheese is Greatest Food Ever


Cheese is already a widely accepted and loved food, cheese lovers barely need any one else to justify their enthusiasm by giving them reasons for its awesomeness. For cheese lovers, any cheese at all is perfect, and needs no defence or nutritional facts. However, some of the more health conscious ones might need to be convinced that their obsession is not detrimental to their health.

Cheese can be a health enthusiast’s best friend; and this might come as a surprise. It has a reputation for being an active component in most fast foods, and having high levels of fat, saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol. These stats might scare people away, but cheese also comes with its own nutritional perks.

High in protein, B12 and Calcium

The amount of fat cheese contains might be staggering, but it has an almost equal volume of protein contained in it. Cheese is also a great source of bone-building calcium, in fact, 200mg of calcium is found per ounce of cheddar cheese. This is about 20% of the recommended daily amount for a person. Cheese also contains vitamin B12 which helps in the proper formation of red blood cells, and vitamin D.

There is Variety Available

Cheese is pretty much loved mostly for the variety the food comes in. Cheddar and mozzarella might be some of the more popular types of cheese, but the delicious food definitely does not limit itself to just those two. There are hundreds of exciting kinds of cheese, all coming in different shapes, sizes, textures and forms. There are even varieties suitable for vegetarians and low lactose people.


No doubt this wonder food is one of the most versatile foods out there. Cheese can be created as part of a quick breakfast meal, a fast food lunch, and the classier, more expensive cheese can feature in any connoisseur’s dinner menu to go with fine wine.

It contains Good Bacteria

Some might see bacteria and immediately think of ‘illnesses, but cheese actually contains the kind of bacteria that is good for the body. Some research has shown that eating the right amount of cheese can affect the level of bacteria in the body, and thereby improve metabolism.

It is made all over the world

Another great advantage of having cheese as a favorite meal is, there is barely a country you will go to where they are not familiar with the delicious food. There are a lot of cheese makers all over the world specializing in varieties of cheese, and if you do decide to travel to other parts, it might be fun tasting these varieties and learning more about the food.

You can make more food with cheese

If you are not too fond of consuming cheese all by itself, it is very possible and acceptable to create other foods with it. The list of foods is just amazing; cheese fries, mozzarella sticks and grilled cheeses are just a few. Cheese is at the core of all of these foods and should be properly appreciated.

You can eat it all by itself

It is very well accepted that a plate of cheeses can be eaten by themselves as an appetizer, or while drinking some wine. You can also just sit in your house and eat a slice of cheese because you can.

Just thinking about all the foods that would not exist without cheese will make anyone appreciate the dairy product even better. These are just some of the reasons why cheese is one of the greatest foods.


If you are someone who likes cheese, you must have loved reading this post. If you want to make cheese at home, you need to have the perfect cheese making equipment. The key to making the most delicious cheese is having the best and finest quality cheese rennet. Remember, no matter how much you love cheese; you need to understand overeating of cheese can be very hazardous as well.