7 Reasons Why Boston is an Attractive Place to Study


Boston is known as a hub for education, with so much to offer for students and everyone alike. When you are thinking about your choices and which city you might like to continue your education, Boston should be high on your list. Here are 10 reasons why Boston makes such a great choice:


You are Spoilt for Choice

Whilst the capital city itself has loads to offer, the big decision is choosing which college or university you want to continue your education with. With some of the highest-ranking universities located in the Boston area, including Ivy League Harvard University, Tufts, as well as MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you have lots of brilliant options to choose from. With so many popular colleges and universities located in Boston and the surrounding area, Boston in a bustling city full of great prospects for students, formerly nicknamed the ‘Athens of America’.

Full of Innovation

Perhaps due to the renowned research facilities being located here, including Tufts, Harvard, and MIT, Boston is full of innovation. It is also much more affordable than other tech-focused cities, making it much easier to start up projects and get support from the leading tech groups. With so much opportunity, this city is full of entrepreneurs and savvy start-ups, making Boston a great city for students and graduates.

Beautiful Scenery

If city life doesn’t seem your kind of thing, perhaps the scenery here will change your mind. Boston is full of beautiful parks, including Boston Common and Boston Public Park. If that wasn’t enough green and blue, Boston has its very own ‘Emerald Necklace’, with over 1,100 acres of parkway sprawling through the city. You will also have a stunning view of the Boston Harbor, as well as the Charles River. A popular location for canoes, kayaks, and sailboats, you can cross the river over many bridges throughout Boston to take in the sunsets.

Pedestrian Friendly

One of the great things about Boston is that it’s so easy to explore on foot. If you enjoy walking, then you will love the Freedom Trail. This long walk takes you through 16 of Boston’s places of interest, with a 2.5 mile stretch of red-brick path. Explore Boston’s historic neighborhoods and learn more about the American Revolution. You can also walk through the stunning green parks following the Emerald Necklace, making the walk to work much more enjoyable.

Arts and Culture

You will never be stuck for things to do in Boston, as its home to some great locations for arts and culture. You can visit museums such as the MFA Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Science, and the ICA Institute of Contemporary Art. Home to over 60 museums, there are plenty of museum choices to keep you busy. Sports fans can appreciate Fenway Park, the oldest ballpark in the US, and if there aren’t any games to enjoy during your visit, then you can still schedule a tour of the park. 

The Seasonal Weather

Boston is fortunate to have great weather, all-year-round. Whilst it gets snowfall in winter and sunshine in summer, it is fairly mild and lucky enough to avoid the more extreme weather conditions. Many people enjoy visiting in Fall, as with so many parks throughout the city, the seasons can be greatly appreciated. The vivid orange and red hues seen on the trees throughout fall is a view many city-goers don’t expect to see, but Boston is fortunate to have it all. You can also enjoy spring, which is equally as beautiful, with flowers blooming and trees blossoming across the city.

Places to Live

If you want to study here, you are going to be living in Boston for at least a year, so does it make a good place to call home? Absolutely. You will need to do a bit of research and planning when it comes to deciding which neighborhood makes the best fit for you, but Boston is not short on idyllic neighborhoods and quintessential student streets. Allston and Brighton are among the most popular, but there are others out there, such as the tranquil and relaxed Brookline or the upmarket Cambridge. Every neighborhood comes with its own quirks, and they can differ greatly in price, but they also come with their own individual perks too. 

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With so much to think about, making any choice is going to be difficult. Hopefully, this list has given you some positive pointers to consider whilst you make those decisions. Whatever you choose to study, Boston could be the perfect location!