7 Things to Know Before You Decide to Get a Tattoo Done


Body tattoos date back to more than a century and have a rich history. Many ancient tribes have been known to have tattooed their bodies as a symbol of one thing or another. However, during the twentieth century body tattoos became a fashion symbol. The trend kicked off after many international celebrities tattooed their body parts. The trend became a huge hit and gradually gained popularity among the masses. To this date many young adults aspire to carry a creative tattoo on their body, as they believe at makes them stand out in the crowd. If you are craving to get a tattoo on your body, make sure you educate yourself about a few facts before you schedule an appointment with a tattoo artist.

  • Know Your Allergies

Tattoos involve injecting ink pigments in your skin that further get diffused into your bloodstream. The ink is made up of compounds that might cause allergic reactions on your skin. It is recommended that you see your dermatologist and get some tests to ensure your skin will not react to the pigments.

  • Research about Your Tattoo Artist

It is very important to ensure that your tattoo artist is a professional and knows his job well. Tattoos done by amateur tattoo artists have greater risks and are way more difficult to remove if the tattoo turns out something you regret later. It is always a good idea to look out for customer reviews.

  • Visit and Inspect the Tattoo Shop Beforehand

Make an inspection visit to the tattoo shop where you will be getting your tattoo from. Make sure that the place is clean, the equipment is properly sterilized and all the necessary hygiene and safety standards are taken care of. You would not want to end up with a nasty infection in the process.

  • Do NOT Settle for a Cheap Price

A good quality tattoo and a professional tattoo artist come with a price tag. Although there are tattoo artist who might be willing to do a tattoo at less than half the price, there will be greater risks involved in terms of results. Remember you are investing your body part for the tattoo and the last thing you would want is to regret it since they are almost irreversible.

  • Always Proofread

If your tattoo design involves something written in words, make sure you proofread it as many times as possible. Imagine living with your name tattooed on your body with the wrong spelling for the rest of your life.

  • Post Procedure Care

Tattoos take a minimum of two weeks to heal. During this time you need to stay away from submerging your body in water and avoid sun exposure. Exposure to sun and water poses greater risks of infection.

  • Tattoo Removal

There is a high chance that at some point in your life you might want to get your tattoo removed. It could be because you are bored of it, or it just did not turn out as per your expectations. In this case tattoo removal by laser procedure is your only resort. It is a painful and complex process that needs to be done by trained and skillful technicians. Dore Aesthetics in Singapore has some of the best cosmetic technicians and dermatologists who ensure a safe tattoo removal process with excellent results. Follow this link to see what they are offering http://www.dore.sg/tattoo-removal/