7 Things That All Fitness Fans and Active People Should Do This Spring


It’s been a long winter, but spring is finally here, and it’s time to switch things up. From your routine to your playlist, workout environment and more, there are plenty of new, exciting things that active people should do this season. If you’re all about setting new goals and experiencing new things, then this list is for you. No matter if you’re a weightlifter, a marathon runner or just like to experience the best that the world has to offer, these are the seven activities, habits and trends to try out this season. 

Skip the Supermarket and Grow Your Own Fruits and Veggies

You probably have your diet nailed down to a T. You might even be among the most dedicated who tracks every single gram of protein, fat and carbs with every meal. No matter if you’re low-carb, high-carb, keto or vegan, eating plenty of vegetables is a must for everyone. If you’re like most, you probably get your greens from the produce section of the supermarket, but this season, why not try growing some of your own?

Growing your own food is among the most satisfying feelings in the world. Knowing that the spinach in your morning shake or the asparagus at dinner was grown in your own backyard is about as down to earth as you can get. The best part is it’s not as hard as you might think either. There are countless guides online to get you started, and if you have the space in your backyard, you should give it a try this spring. It’s also a relaxing way to spend the evening or a Saturday afternoon too. 

Reassess Your Goals and Switch Up Your Programming

Many people associate springtime with spring cleaning. From their closet to their pantry, the changing season is a good time to reset and get organized for the upcoming months. You’ve probably already tackled the obvious, physical clutter, but have you spring cleaned your fitness regimen? 

Ideally, your workout routine will adapt over time just as your goals change. Is your current routine putting you in a good position to reach your fitness goals? In the winter, you might have been focused on building strength and crushing PRs. But now you want to cut a few pounds and slim down for summer; is a low-rep routine going to cut it? 

Your diet also plays a factor too, and if you’ve been putting off changes, maybe now is the time. Sit down and make a list of your current goals then reevaluate your regimen. There are probably tons of changes and adjustments you could make for a fresh start this spring.

Get More Active During the Day

The weather is just way too nice to not get out and experience it. There are plenty of times throughout the day where you could be more active and experience the beauty of Mother Nature. For example, whether you work from home or in the office, your lunch break is a great time to lace up your walking shoes and go for a scenic stroll around the block. 

Whether you live and work in a concrete jungle or have a park nearby you could visit, fresh air can do wonders for your body and mind. Use this time as a way to decompress and get a few extra steps in during the day. If you’re more disciplined and/or stir crazy than the rest, who says you can’t get in a quick 3-mile run in during your lunch break?

Start Working Out Outside

Related to the last point, with the weather finally taking a turn for the warm and sunny, you should take your workouts outside as often as you can. While this probably doesn’t mean moving your garage power rack into the front yard, you could at least open up the garage door. There are tons of outdoor exercise options available, no matter what your current fitness goals are. 

The easiest one for cardio would be getting off the treadmill and pounding the pavement around your neighborhood. Cycling is also a fantastic option that can help you explore while providing a killer workout too. If you are more into the lifting realm, you can do some bodyweight exercises at a local park or just in your backyard. There are tons of choices out there, and once you try working out outside for the first time, you’ll see how much fun it is to break a sweat with the sun shining on you. Just make sure to wear sunscreen and the right breathable, sweat-wicking apparel such as innovative performance shirts, gym shorts, or athletic leggings. 

Inspire a Friend

Chances are you have a friend who could be feeling the spring fever. They’ve wanted to start working out but just haven’t taken the first step. In the winter, most of us just want to stay inside, but getting outside to exercise is typically much preferred among those jump-starting a fitness routine. 

Just think about it: If you weren’t active and someone gave you the choice of lifting in a garage or going for a bike ride, which would you choose? Hit up your friends and invite them out for a little fun in the sun. From jogging to bike riding, stand-up paddleboarding and more, the warm weather might give them just the push they needed. You can also look into gifting them athletic essentials like running shoes or sports bras to ignite the “look good, feel good” motivation they might need to get to it. 

Update Your Activewear Outfits

With changing weather calls for a different workout uniform. It’s finally time to put those hoodies away and break out the light track jackets and even tank tops if your climate is warm enough. You might not even need to switch up the styles, but just replace your gym shorts and athletic leggings with more spring-forward picks. For example, bright and bold colors look great during the warm season, so switch to white walking shoes over your old dark purple ones. Refresh your look, and you’ll in the spirit of spring for sure. 

Stop and Smell the Roses

Lastly, it’s crucial for all of us, no matter how active or fit, to stop and smell the roses literally and figuratively this spring. We all have hectic schedules, so a chance to just stop and sit with our own thoughts is essential to keep us energized, focused and grateful. On your daily outdoor runs, don’t be afraid to take a break to just soak in the beauty that’s all around you. We’ve been patiently waiting for this season all year long, so enjoy it. You’ve earned it. 

Get to It

Spring brings all sorts of new opportunities. From new workout regimens to brand-new white shoes to match our spring outfits, it’s truly one of the most special times of the year. Enjoy it and keep pushing yourself; your goals will practically conquer themselves. 

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