7 Things To Bring on Your Next Camping Road Trip


When you’re getting ready for a camping trip, your list can feel like it’s a mile long, you need food, clothing, tents, snacks like a grass fed beef stick, and so much more. But it gets even more complicated if your camping trip is also a road trip. There are plenty of things you can bring along, but aside from your clothes, here are 8 things you might want to remember to bring along.

Road Trip Snack Subscription Box

This is at the top of the list because let’s face it, road trips mean snacks. You might end up somewhere without access to your favorites, so it’s best to bring them along. You can even get a monthly snack subscription box to make sure you get snacks that are just right for all your camping and adventure trips.

People love snack boxes because they can try out a variety of delicious foods without needing to buy them all in bulk. This means you’ll have fewer things to bring along with you, and you get a good variety of snacks for your trip instead of getting bored with just a couple. You can even add in some fruit like bananas and apples that are easy to carry and last a few days at least.

A Sleeping Bag

You’d be amazed at how many people forget to pack a sleeping bag when they go on camping trips. Make sure you check the weather before you go to ensure that you have one that is rated for overnight temperatures. Some people think that any sleeping bag will do, but it’s vital to stay warm at night when you’re sleeping outside.

Sleeping bags are lightweight, compact, and easy to pack. They come in different sizes depending on how many people are going camping with you and can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can even bring along a couple of extras just in case your trip companions forget theirs or one of yours gets wet on the trip.

A Tent

Unless you love to sleep under the stars, you’ll need a tent. Choosing a tent is not an easy task. There are so many options, from floorless tents to tarps to pop-up models. The best thing to do is to ask yourself what you’ll use your tent for and how often you want it; this way, you can narrow down the options that are available and make a decision based on what will work best for your needs. Most tents are simple to assemble, but just in case you forget, make sure you bring yours along with you.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are an essential item for any road trip. They can be used to keep dirty clothes separate from clean ones, and they’re useful for storing dirty shoes and other wet items. Plus they can help you take trash away from your campsites. Plastic bags also contain shoes, boots, and other items that get muddy. You can easily put them in a bag without worrying about your car getting dirty.

Baby Wipes and Hand Sanitizer

While soap and water are always the best options for getting clean, sometimes you don’t have access to it. Baby wipes and hand sanitizer can help you take quick wipes baths, clean your hands before meals, and get all the dirt and grime off your body when you need it.

Baby wipes are also great for cleaning up messes. You can wipe off a camping table and even clean gross things off your boots or shoes. And while you’re on the road, wipes can help you clean up spills in the car as well, especially if you end up snacking on the go.

A First-Aid Kit

Bandages, gauze, alcohol wipes, and antibiotic ointment are the basics you need in a first aid kit. You can usually purchase these items at any drugstore. You may need something for splints just in case a sprain happens while you are hiking as well. Your kit can include pain relief medication, a thermometer, and many other items. A small travel kit is usually more than enough for camping road trips. You can even include bug spray, hydrocortisone cream to relieve bits, scissors, and tweezers.

A Survival Guide

A survival guide is a good idea. If you’re going to be driving in remote areas, then a book on common medical emergencies is an excellent option. Having a small travel-sized one to come with you can help with other medical emergencies that you aren’t sure of how to handle.