7 Tips for Preparing a Mix for Mastering


Mastering the mix is not an easy task, and all music lovers will agree to that. Often there are times when you will go on mixing songs and music to perfect your track, and it would end in days of exhorting pain without success.

While on another hand there are people who perfect a mix overnight. So are they talented or is it that you aren’t putting enough efforts.


Well, both can be wrong. You might be putting in a lot of effort but in the wrong direction while others know how to get it right the first time. Simple!

There are professional mix mastering services that will help you make that perfect mix for mastering. The https://ekmixmaster.com/ is one of the fastest growing mix mastering service providers that will not only help you perfect a combination but guide you for becoming a better mix for mastering.

Here are seven tips that will help you prepare a mix beautifully for mastering:

  1.    Checking the Levels: mastering a mix will involve some necessary technicality of checking the master bus. You must not forget to check the DWA’s meter, both at all peaks, i.e. the highest point and lowest peak, during the entire track. On an average, a good mix will have at least 3 dB headroom. It gives them better flexibility.
  2.    Do not Dither: caution is the virtue when trying to add inserts in the master bus. Specific plugins tend to apply dither algorithm while you try to add to the master bus. If you still wish to do it, make sure the plugins must have an option to turn it off.
  3.    Inserting effects: whelk, often there have been mixes that look flawless with those magical effects being added to its bus, but not everyone knows how to get it right. So if you are a beginner then be careful a little over the top can ruin your efforts. Little EQ style or analog limiters form quite a rank to the bus, but try only if you are good with the engineering thing.
  4.    Check on mono: Now, this is a critical aspect into making a perfect mix, on that you can’t miss. You must check the mix you created in the mono. It’s because till date even the most modern technology iPhone uses mono radio signals for broadcast. It’s like preparing your mix for the worst and making it fit for the best.
  5.    Check the samples: if you are using imported examples in your combination, do not forget to check whether or not you have converted them. Most of the times DWA can adjust to imports of multiple, but it’s better to test them and make sure of it.
  6.    Be prepared with the edits: Its most of times prevalent for big labels to launch edits sooner or later than the mix at radios. And in most cases, you mix masters do not get sufficient time to produce an excellent edit copy. So it’s a good practice to keep ready your edit for such instances.
  7.    Checking export markers: although it’s a common practice at times, it can slip your mind. You should avoid starting the export the very moment the song plays. Unless you want to add some creativity, and your shipping till the end of the song.

These are some standard practices that you must practice to master the mix job.