7 Tips to Save Your House from Cockroaches


Cockroaches are maybe the most annoying pest on the planet. They are not only associated with a dirty environment but also carry several diseases. Cockroaches get into everything easily and can survive without water for two weeks and a month without food. This tiny creature can cause a great challenge. 

When you entered into your kitchen and antennae of roaches on the floor and countertops may live up to your worst nightmares. These little pests not only cause dirty environments they can contaminate your food and transmit bacteria. 


Luckily you can shut down even the most stubborn infestation with some simple tools and tricks. 

  • Cut of Food Supply

As it is already mentioned that cockroaches removal is not an easy task. But just like human beings, these insects also need sustenance to survive. Unlike people, these little pests live off anything like debris, crumbs, and unopened food. For roaches removal, starts by cleaning leftover and spilled food. An opened cereal box in the kitchen cabinet can be a treat for roaches. Don’t leave any unwashed dishes in the sink or on the counter. When you start cleaning check behind the appliances and cabinets because these pests like to live in warm places like behind the refrigerators. Put your garbage in a dustbin with a tight lid and take it out regularly. 

  • Remove their Hiding Places

Roaches need shelter to thrive. Their favorite places to hide are cardboard boxes and stacks of papers. It is good to remove or recycle them if you have any lying around. This may reduce the chances of roaches to come back or hanging around. 

  • Seal up Holes and Cracks

Like human beings, insects don’t need open doors to enter; they can crawl through tiny cracks. So it is necessary to seal all the holes and cracks. For insects, wall cracks and holes are the favorite entrance spot. 

  • Improve Sanitary System

Try to fix your leaky water pipes because cockroaches are attracted to water and moisture. That’s why you most of the time find them under the sink. Close their water source by repairing the leaks. Don’t overwater indoor plants and don’t let water stand in the basin.    

  • Cockroach Bait

Mix one part powdered sugar with three parts boric acid. The sugar attracts or invites the cockroaches, and boric acid kills them. It is not toxic for pets and people, but it can irritate so keep it away from the reach of little fingers and noses. Sprinkle this mixture under the stove, behind the refrigerator, under the basin, and into the holes, cracks, and cabinets.

  • Keep Your Place Cool

Cockroaches love to live in warm atmosphere your warm house may invite the cold-blooded insects to warm up their bodies. Warm atmosphere gives them a chance to spread their wings and help to fly. You cannot control the weather, but you can keep your home as cool as possible, so cockroaches don’t find the chance to activate their muscles.

  • Take Expert’s Help

If you feel you cannot control the cockroaches or you find them in a huge amount you can call an exterminator. Many pest control companies provide their services to keep your house clean from cockroaches and other insects.