7 Tips of Writing A Good College Essay


Are you searching for the best tips of writing a good college essay? When it comes to joining college, one thing that most students dread is how to write their college essay. The reason is that you don’t want to mess up since it’s your only chance of getting into college. Bear in mind that coming up with the best essay involves lots of work and effort. What you should avoid is letting fear and stress get in your way. In this informative post, we’ll give you 7 tips on how to write a good college essay.  

  1. Read Your Essay Questions

Make sure that you read the essay instructions, the reason being that most students fail to follow them. You should start by reading the essay topic questions and think of how to approach them. You can find them in the school’s individual application or your standard application. Use your biggest strengths to tell a story that the admissions counselor will find engaging. The essay questions will give you the starting point, which will enable you to answer the question the best way possible.

  1. Proceed and Write Your First Draft

Once you choose the essay question that you’re comfortable with, you should write your initial draft. Make sure that you get your thoughts on paper. You shouldn’t worry about punctuation or grammar. You’ll improve the quality when writing the next draft. One of the best tips you should use is to write for around 20 minutes without lifting your fingers off the keyboard or pen off the page. It will ensure that you get your mind thinking, which will enable you to put your thoughts on paper.

  1. Structure the Essay

Make sure that you structure the essay by writing an introduction and dividing your ideas into paragraphs. Ensure the first sentence is engaging since the aim is to make the reader want to know more. Another thing to do is to write the conclusion. A well-written essay should have these structural elements. Remember to use powerful imagery to get your point across.

  1. Be Original

Approach your question in a unique way, which will ensure your essay is personal. That’s because many students prefer writing on topics such as music, sports, and travel. One tip that you should consider using is to write about unique experiences that changed you for the better.

  1. Be Honest

Make sure that you are honest when writing your college essay. For instance, avoid writing with the intention of pleasing the admission counselor. They know when students aren’t sincere, which means that you should be careful. Try and be original, which will enable you to be recognized.

  1. Ask For Feedback

Remember that revising and reading your college essay may not be easy. The best way to know if it’s okay is to ask for feedback from other people. It will ensure that they correct you in the case that you made any mistakes.

  1. Proofread Before You Submit

Before you submit it, make sure that you proofread it. It will ensure that you avoid sending one with spelling errors.


The above article should make it easy for you to write your college essay for your custom college essays writing service. Make sure that you proofread before sending and be original for the best outcome.