7 Unusual Things to Do in Mexico City to Make Your Trip Unforgettable


There are many more things to do in Mexico City than the majority of tourists realize. If you want to truly enjoy this formidable metropolis, forget about the lists of top-rated attractions and big museums. Instead, go out to look for the hidden gems of which the city has a great many.

7 Things To Do in Mexico City Hidden from Regular Tourists

  • Visit the Museum of Memory and Tolerance

Museo Memoria y Tolerancia is not something most people would associate with Mexico. That’s what makes the place even more special. Opened only in 2010, this museum celebrates the minorities that have been oppressed for many centuries. Unlike the majority of museums, which focus on the past, this one aims to change the future by promoting tolerance and bringing attention to the injustices plaguing the society of today.

  • Drink some fresh pulque

Unlike margaritas and micheladas, pulque is an alcoholic drink that’s nearly i8mpossible to find anywhere outside of Mexico City. You can find it in some other parts of Mexico, but hardly anywhere else. The reason is that you have to drink it fresh and still frothy in order to enjoy the flavor. Millennia ago, this was a sacred Aztec beverage and only few were lucky to enjoy it. Today it’s still rare, which is more of a reason to make drinking it one of your priorities. You can ask about the best places to get the drink when taking a free walking tour in Mexico City.

  • Try sweets from Dulceria de Celaya

Can you imagine what a 140-year old sweets shop looks like? You’ll find the answer while undertaking one of the most important things to do in Mexico City for any candy lover. Getting some sweets from Dulceria de Celaya is a must even if your sweet tooth isn’t big. They will make incredible presents for your friends and family. All candy here is made using secret recipes that have been passed on in the family that owns the shop. These sweets are one-of-a-kind and can become one of your favorites in the city.

  • See a show at Foro El Bicho

Note that catching a show at Foro El Bicho won’t be easy as this theater has only about 45 seats. However, it’s dedicated to the support and promotion of modern drama, especially its experimental forms. If you love everything unusual and ‘arthouse’, this is the place you should do your best to visit.

  • Tour the actual Chocolate Museum

Do you love chocolate? If yes, visiting Mucho Mundo Chocolate is one of the things you have to do in Mexico City. This is a big museum dedicated to nothing but the divine sweet. Here you can not only enjoy formidable and edible displays but also learn about the history of cacao and its importance for the culture and industry of the region.

  1. Eat some amazing Mexican pastries

No matter what you think about the Mexican cuisine as a whole, you cannot fail to love Mexican pastries. The best place to enjoy them in Mexico City is Pasteleria Ideal. Here you’ll find dozens of freshly baked pastries and breads to suit anyone’s taste. Come in, take a tray, and load it up with the amazing goodies. Be prepared for a crowd as this place is incredibly popular with the locals during breakfast hours.

  • Load up on handcrafted goods at Victor Artes Populares Mexicanas

Victor Artes Populares Mexicanas is a place where you can find the best selection of authentic Mexican handcrafted goods. It’s not merely a shop but a full-fledged folk art museum. Finding it won’t be easy as you’ll have to go through a perfume shop located at Calle Isabel La Catolica 97. Be sure to visit this place even if you don’t plan on buying anything as here you can see some of the most beautiful pieces produced by the hands of local artisans.