7 Useful Kayaking Tips For Beginners


Kayaking is a recreational activity that is famous for its bright-colored kayaks, its multi-side paddles, and colorful helmets.

For many that know so little about this sport, they often confuse kayaking with canoeing and rafting since they are all water activities. However, the similarities almost end there as these water sports are all different from each other. 

Just like every activity, kayaking has its rules and there are tips to follow for everyone interested in enjoying the sport.

If you are that beginner who is interested in either recreational kayaking or the competitive one, drop your paddles and pick up this article because the next seven steps will be extremely helpful.


Get the right outfit

Just after having the best fishing kayak, it is important to have the right outfit. It doesn’t matter if you will be kayaking in the hot summer or cold winter. If you will be kayaking you should be doing that with the appropriate outfit.

Kayaking outfits are always waterproof, brightly colored with an accompanying helmet. You might try to match the color match or keep the outfit neat and functional. It all depends on you.

Get a river education 

One of the most common mistakes first time kayakers make is not getting enough education about the river before they start kayaking. 

As a beginner, ensure you study the river course before you attempt to sail.

Never kayak alone

This is very important especially if you are a beginner. Other than the fact that every moment is better shared, the rivers can be treacherous especially for beginners that do not have enough knowledge about rivers. 

Always go in groups or with a sea kayaking guide


Know about paddling styles

Every activity has its unique style and kayaking is not an exception. When starting out, it is expedient to know the different kinds of paddling styles until you find the most comfortable one for you. The best way to discover this is to practice continuously.

Learn to use a map

You may not be good with observing landmarks and who said observing landmarks is even a great idea? 

For beginners, it is important to always arm yourself with a map whenever you are out in the waters. There have been many cases of kayakers missing their way. 

There is a silent rule in kayaking which states that after a good paddle the next thing you need as a beginner, is a detailed map.

Always check the forecast 

Checking the forecast before kayaking isn’t a mere suggestion which should be taken with a pinch of salt. It is a vital instruction that must be adhered to constantly. 

Checking the forecast before setting out is a lifesaver and you will be doing yourself a world of good if you do not default on this.

Sitting style matters

Posture counts a lot when it comes to kayaking. As a beginner, it is important to know that the way you are fitted when kayaking can determine if you will have fun or experience difficulties. 

There is a two phrase instruction for new kayakers and it is: “sit right and sit straight”. If you want to have a tent for camping before or after kayaking, here is two person tent you may want to have.