72 Hours Urgent Skincare after Sunburn


If you spent a lot of time outdoors under the burning sun and it ended up with the red skin, you need to act quickly. The sunburns bring a lot of harm to your derma, and a lot of those may even cause the skin cancer. However, if it happened only once because of your absent-mindedness, you have a chance to save the situation. You have 72 hours to get back your skin to the normal condition, and the following article offers you the skincare that would save you from the sunburn.

Soothing the Skin

Your skin feels warm, and its color is pink. The first thing Eduzaurus.com experts recommend is to cool pores and derm: you can use the aloe vera gel for that purpose. The moisturization will help your derma recover, and it might even take away some redness. Cold water will work, too, but avoid using the harsh soap – it will irritate it even more. At this point, the main issue for you is to reduce redness by any means. It might seem difficult at first, however, after moisturizing it more and more, you will soon see the noticeable effects.

Moisturizing the Skin Again

Though the condition of your derma stabilized, it still needs a lot of water that the sun took it from. At this point, it is allowed to use the moisturizing lotions that will provide it with protection from drying. Drink a lot of water – who cares how the water goes to your organism: through the derm or your mouth? Two liters are the minimum that you have to consume – if you can drink more, do it. The water level will increase in your body and put the derma back in its normal condition.

Decrease the Inflammation of Your Skin

Consider ibuprofen or aspirin: these drugs can help protect the derm from inflammation. The pills will provide it with additional protection and care for it from the inside. Staying out of the sun is a must, and do not forget to wear breathable clothes so that your derm is not irritated by any unnecessary touches. Only imagine how your damaged skin would feel under one or several layers of clothes that do not let it breathe! Make sure no cloth irritates it.

Repairing of the Skin

At this point, the products on the basis of vitamin E will be very useful – to prevent the derma from aging, you need to restore its springiness. Do not forget that you cannot scratch it no matter how itchy it is. To avoid this problem, wrap the ice in the cloth and apply it to your derma. From now on, do not forget that staying in the sun till it literally burns your derma is really dangerous. If you do not get rid of this bad habit, you might have to deal with cancer – in the best case, your derma will age super fast. Cherish your body because there is only one given to you during your lifetime.