8 Apps to Help You Write Faster


In times when speed and precision are valued the most, using technology to the fullest is a must. Especially when you’re a writer, and thousands of readers are waiting for your weekly blog post. The same goes for college life. When you’re a student, grades are at stake. Hence, you need powerful apps to organize your time, speed up the writing process and stay focused.

Our experts have created a list of the most useful applications to help you write faster. Keep calm and choose your favorite! 

#1: Grammarly

Why is the plagiarism and grammar checker at the top of the list? Because apart from the amazing ads on YouTube, Grammarly makes your writing error-free. Sure, you may contact the professional write paper it’s PaperWriter to edit your college essay, but the time has come to upgrade your grammar. 

Why choose Grammarly?

  • It’s free. The good news is the basic version has a plethora of functions. Yet no need for you to buy the Premium app version; 
  • The design is user-friendly;
  • It helps you set the writing goals and follow them;
  • It explains why the underlined word or phrase needs corrections;
  • It has 4 English versions: American, Australian, Canadian, and British.

#2: Milanote

This app is a visual board that is best used as an organizational tool. Visualize the studying material in the form of notes and schemes. The application will help you systematize the knowledge you’ve got from the class before. No more messy documents and notebooks. With Milanote, you can create virtual lists and stick them to the board. Later, use arrows to show the relationships between the components.

The app is especially popular among aspiring book authors or creative writers.

With this application, you can download images right from the web or your laptop storage. 

#3: Diaro

This application serves as a virtual diary and a place to scribe a quick note. Though Diaro is a place for one’s intimate thoughts and recollections, one can use the app for studying too. We all need notebooks, right? 

You can set a goal of thinking about your project in the morning. Wake up, open Diaro, and write down all the thoughts which pop up in your head. Later reread your diary entry and add corrections.

Why choose Diaro?

  • It has a password;
  • The app is easy to use;
  • Great to quickly write down your thoughts.

#4: Scrivener

This super effective application is a godsend for writers. One can drag-and-drop their writing process right into the app. This means no need to create separate Word documents one can’t find in the virtual archives. What is even better, Scrivener has pre-composed templates to choose from. They simplify your work and drop that inspiration right into your head. No more excuses for your laziness and procrastination!

Why choose Scrivener?

  • The app has a minimal $45 fee. You pay one time and use Scrivener whenever you want for the rest of your life;
  • It divides your project into sections and allows you to work on each part separately. The whole working process is smoother and more efficient;
  • You can keep your notes, links, and downloaded images right in the software;
  • Scrivener stores each version of the text;
  • Emails and notifications are no longer a distraction because the app repels them like a magic shield.  

#5: Hemingway

There is some musicality in apps called after book authors or artists. The app (called after one of the literature geniuses) makes your writing sound good. It focuses on the length of your sentences and their syntax. With Hemingway, you get the analysis of your text’s readability in a few seconds. 

image source

The app has a system of grades. If your Grade is 8 and lower – your readability is great. Texts with Grade 10 and higher require additional knowledge from the audience. The app also mentions that Ernest Heminway’s text readability was Grade 6. 

The app is useful for blog writers who need to make their textual syntax as simple as it can be. 

#6: Monday

The big brother of Excel, Monday has a visually appealing design to turn your writing into a delightful process. The app suggests you use spreadsheets to define your goals and plans. Often used for productivity and time management, Monday will add control to your college writing. 

Why download the app?

  • It has a calendar so you can set deadlines for each task;
  • The user can choose templates for tables to save time;
  • Monday integrates with other apps like Gmail; 
  • The application has a time tracker. From now on, you’ll always know the amount of time needed to write an introduction for a research paper.
  • It has a ‘My Week’ list of tasks, so you never forget your most important tasks. 

#7: Mindmeister

Any project starts with brainstorming. When you search for an essay topic, you brainstorm, right? The same happens with any project in your college life.

While brainstorming, Mindmeister suggests you store your ideas in the form of images and presentations. Later, you can send them to your friends or professors for the topic approval. 

Why choose Mindmeister?

  • The app has templates for tons of projects. Some of them are article outlines and project plans;
  • You can save your images in various formats and later print them out; 
  • It integrates with other apps like Dropbox and Gmail;
  • Mindmeister has an Android app version. This means you can use the app right on your phone.

#8: 750 Words

If you lack self-discipline and commitment to improving your academic writing on a  daily basis, check this app. The deal is simple – you write 750 words each day. You get points at the end of each task you committed to. Especially when your writing meets deadlines. With time, you’ll see your motivation is better, and your dedication to writing is an object of envy.

Final Thoughts

Technology refines your syntax and grammar, turning you into a proficient writer. Why download apps for writing? As a student, you constantly lack time for exams and other college projects. Apps like Grammarly save you time and bring your texts to a new level. 

We hope the article was useful. Good luck!