8 Awesome Gift Ideas for the Groomsmen


It is an age old tradition that the Bride and Groom receive a selection of gifts at their wedding to help them prepare for their new lives together. Arguably they are not the only ones who deserve a special gift on this special day though. A guy’s groomsmen are likely to be the people that have helped him through thick and thin. They are the ones that have been the most involved in planning the big day, and the ones that stand by his side when he marries his love. What’s the best way to thank them for all of this? With a badass gift that they will treasure and value for years to come.

Buy Them Something Stylish

There are plenty of swanky gifts that you could consider buying for your groomsmen. A new briefcase, a small clothing accessory or a stylish leather wallet are all items that your groomsmen will appreciate. Besides, you know what guys are like. When it comes to clothing, most of them wait until something falls to pieces before they make the investment to upgrade or change something. Possibly, these guys have the same tattered old wallet that they have had since college. A sleek leather number with personalized engravings? Now that’s classy.

Gift Them an Activity You Can Do as Friends

Guys can be difficult to buy for. Furthermore, it’s likely that all of your groomsmen have very different tastes, styles and interests to each other, making it difficult to find a universal gift that each of them will love. A fun alternative? Gift them an experience that you can all enjoy together. Consider taking them on a boys only fishing trip, or booking an experience day such as skydiving or racing supercars. The memories of such experiences will last forever.

Get Something Uniform Across all Groomsmen

In an ideal scenario, the badass groomsmen gifts that you buy will be the same across all groomsmen. This prevents any awkwardness when you hand out the gifts. The very last thing you want to do is find yourself in a position where the guys are comparing their gifts and thinking that one person is more valued than another. Besides, having a uniform gift that all of you have makes you feel like part of a wolf pack.

Buy them Gifts that Reflect their Hobbies

If you do decide that you want to get something a little different and personalized for each groomsman, that’s your call. A nice idea would be to buy each guy something that truly reflects their hobbies, interests, and shows that you have put a lot of thought into the decision. If your pal Dave fancies himself as the next Masterchef, he will surely appreciate a selection of spices or a collection of knives. If Peter loves basketball, tickets to see his favorite team will go down a treat.

Ask Their Ladies What They are Looking For

Honestly, sometimes guys are just difficult to buy for. The idea of buying your groomsmen gifts that reflect their hobbies is a nice one, but perhaps you are struggling with one or two of the guys. Don’t hesitate to let the special ladies in your groomsmen’s lives in on your gift ideas. Perhaps they can tell you about a certain item that they have wanted for a long time but have procrastinated in buying. You can visit Groomsmen Gifts Mart and inspire yourself. 

Buy Them Something Useful

Silly personalized novelty items are fun in the moment but are unlikely to see a lot of long term use. If you are able to buy your groomsmen an item that you know that they are going to get some use out of then that is money well spent. Barware, glassware, kitchen items and tools are all examples of things that your groomsmen will both appreciate and put to use. 

Get them Something Personalized

Personalized gifts add an extra level of thoughtfulness to the presents that you give to people. The mention of personalizing something can often conjure up images of tacky gimmicky gifts such as keyrings with initial and so on. You can also shop at manlymanco.com. However, personalized items can also exude elegance and sophistication. Refer back to the personalized leather wallet for example, or consider a personalized cigar box, or a personalized briefcase. Your groomsmen will appreciate something that has been specifically created for them.

Get a Second Opinion

There are plenty of places that you can search for ideas on badass groomsmen gifts – men’s magazines, the internet, etc. Once you have shortlisted a few possible options, get a second opinion to help you decide which is the most appropriate idea to run with.

Remember it’s the Thought, Not the Value   

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on your groomsmen gifts. These guys will know that your wedding has already set you back a few pennies so it is likely that they are not expecting anything. Remember it’s the thought that counts. Whether you can afford to spend $50 on your groomsmen gifts or $10, at the very least they will be flattered that you thought of them.